How To Apply Lash Serum A Step-by-step Guide

How To Apply Lash Serum? A Step-by-step Guide

How to apply lash serum? Popular beauty products with the promise of thicker, fuller, and longer eyelashes are eyelash growth serums. We’ll demonstrate how to apply lash serums so you can protect the health of your eyes and skin while maximizing lash growth. We’ll also go over how to choose a product, from over-the-counter items to prescription serums. Discover the best advice on using and picking eyelash growth serums by reading on.

What Is Lash Serum?

Eyelash serum is a beauty product for eyelashes that purportedly makes natural lashes thicker and longer. In place of eyelash extensions, many people use eyelash serum. Hyaluronic acid, panthenol, biotin (vitamin B7), pumpkin seed extract, peptides, and castor oil are frequently found in lash growth serums. These ingredients can hydrate and moisturize the lashes to stop breakage and stimulate hair growth. Using eyelash serum can extend the telogen or resting phase of your eyelashes’ growth cycle.

What Can Damage Lashes?

Over time, our lashes can be harmed by things like eyelash extensions, wearing false eyelashes excessively, using eyelash curlers improperly, and even the kind of mascara we frequently use.

Our eyelashes may become shorter, thinner, and more brittle as a result of all of these things over time.

What Is Lash Serum Used For?

There is, thankfully, good news if your eyelashes could use some TLC.

Lash serums really do strengthen and restore our eyelashes.

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Even better, lash serums are brimming with nourishing components to help restore damaged eyelashes, and they can really assist you in getting the long, luscious eyelashes you’ve always desired.

Reasons For Why Use Lashfridays Lash Serum

Peptides Not Hormones

Peptides are peptides’ primary active component in lashfridays. These are safe for people with sensitive skin and don’t carry the same risks as hormone-based lash serums, like pigmentation changes around the eyes and fat loss in the eyelids. 

Extra Ingredients To Nourish Your Lashes

Collagen enhances the appearance and feel of lashes by increasing lash body, suppleness and sheen. The oil from pumpkin seeds helps increase hair growth. Biotin adds body and shine to lash hair.  The function of the protein keratin is to flatten the cells that overlap to form the hairs on your eyelashes. This can make the lashes smoother and silkier.

Cruelty Free & Vegan

All of the ingredients in our lash serums, including our collagen, are vegan, and we never test them on animals.

Cost Effective

Our serum costs $59.99 for 3 months supply of serum if applied daily. 67 cents per day is the result. You can save even more money by purchasing our twin pack for $89 instead.99 for 6 months supply which works out to just 50c/day. 

How To Apply Lash Serum A Step-by-step Guide
How To Apply Lash Serum? A Step-by-step Guide

Have Over 300 Reviews From Real Women

We have more than 300 reviews from real women showcasing the amazing outcomes they were able to achieve with Lash Fridays. See for yourself how we can help you get the longer, thicker natural lashes you’ve always wanted by visiting our product page.

How Long Do Lash Serums Start To Work?

Some lash serums can take as long as 6+ months of consistent use to see results, but GrandeLASH-MD takes only 3 months of daily use to achieve beautiful, thicker, longer-looking lashes.

Even better, with daily application, most users start to notice results in just 4-6 weeks’ time.

Step-by-step Guide On How To Apply Lash Serum Perfectly

When applying eyelash serum, follow these instructions for the best outcomes.

Remove Contact Lenses

Doing this will help prevent any potential irritation. 

Remove Makeup And Cleanse Your Face

This step will make sure that the delicate area is clean and prepared before you apply the serum. 

Apply Serum To Your Upper Lashes Only

Lash serums are not cheap. Avoid wasting any by using it somewhere other than your upper lash line. Your eyes may become irritated if you apply it to the lower lash line. 

Use One Dip Of Serum For Both Eyes

To coat both of your upper lash lines with serum, one dip is sufficient. 

Remove Excess Serum

Wipe it away with a fresh towel if you unintentionally drip some of the lash growth serum down the side of your cheek. 

Clean Your Applicator

Before sealing your serum, clean the applicator with a different, clean towel or some mild soap and water. 

Apply Serum Daily

This is the most important step, so do it! Eyelash serum requires consistency, so only if you use it every day, morning, and evening, will you see results.


So, how to apply the lash serum?

When it comes to lash serum, precision is key. Be consistent, do your homework, and take your time when applying. The best way to grow your lashes to the desired length is to apply your serum daily.

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