How To Get A Tan As A Redhead Tips & Tricks

How To Get A Tan As A Redhead? Tips & Tricks

To start with, how to get a tan as a redhead?

On your shoulders, ears, and any other area where you typically burn more easily, apply a stronger sunscreen. Use a light tanning sunscreen on the rest of your body to protect yourself while still allowing you to gradually tan. I advise “Banana Boat Ultra Mist Dry Oil Broad Spectrum Sun Care” with an SPF of 8.

If you’re a redhead looking to tan, keep reading for more specific information.

Be Patient

If you’re a redhead, getting color is most definitely challenging. My advice is to be patient and consistently follow the recommended routine when spending time in the sun. the following guidelines in mind:

Alternate the sun and the shade as much as possible.

The hot midday sun should be avoided.

Sunscreen that is “redhead friendly” should be used, and it should be reapplied every two hours.

How To Get A Tan As A Redhead Tips & Tricks
How To Get A Tan As A Redhead? Tips & Tricks

Then, Wash It Off

You must wash off all of the sunscreens after spending time in the sun. However, it’s more important to give your body a good scrub in order to remove the dead skin cells. Try a product like the TapaReef Sunscreen Remover Wipes. featured in the H2BAR Box for May!

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Last, Moisturize

Give your delicate, freckled skin a decent cool down with Vaseline Total Moisture Aloe Fresh after your evening shower. This after-sun lotion has a wonderful scent, feels light on the skin, and absorbs quickly.

Maintaining this regimen of defense, hydration, and cooling off will give your skin a healthy glow in no time.

Enjoy your skin Be a Redhead and rock it! 


Getting a tan as a redhead was the topic of the article.

Schedule a spray tan application appointment. Professionals at salons use an airbrush to apply spray tans, which result in a darker and more even tan than self-tanners. They also last longer, so you won’t have to worry about getting paint on your hands or clothes or missing hard-to-reach places. Although spray tans are more expensive than gradual tanners or self-tanners, they are the best and safest option if achieving a gorgeous golden tan is important to you.

I’m grateful you reading. 

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