Guidance On How To Clean Magnetic Lashes

How To Clean Magnetic Lashes: Try These Tips

Magnetic eyelashes remain longer than glue eyelashes. Part of the purpose is that mascara is tough and tough to remove. Removing them will expand the stress and put on eyelashes. Soon, casting off the glue on eyelashes will reason eyelashes to lose shape, curl, and even eyelashes. Magnets are now not so harsh. But that does not suggest pulling them off your eyes might not break them!

So how to clean magnetic lashes?

Required Tools

  • 3 small containers
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Micellar water 
  • Tweezers
  • Cotton swab
  • Tissue
  • Eye Makeup Remover 
  • Cotton wheel

Remove Eyelashes

Before cleansing your eyelashes, you ought to smooth your arms efficaciously to make sure that no microorganisms are transferred to your eyelashes. This is very vital due to the fact coping with eyelashes with soiled palms can motivate eye infections.

To begin cleansing eyelashes, you want to take away the first. First, draw close the outer nook of the eyelash belt and slowly put off the eyelashes from the Eyeliner Pen (we endorse no longer to take away them from the eyelashes, however from the eyelash belt). Be greater cautious in this step to keep away from destructive eyelashes.

Clean Magnetic Eyelashes

Once you have efficiently eliminated the magnetic eyelashes, you want to cast off any Eyeliner residue that can also remain. This will make sure that your magnetic eyelashes are in great condition. To do this, you must use eye make-up remover such as micelle water (not greasy) to dry the cotton pad. Then, gently wipe the soaked cotton pad on the magnetic eyelashes. This step helps dissolve the makeup and eyeliner left on the eyelashes. Make positive to use small moves and mild pressure, due to the fact you do not prefer to distort the form of eyelashes.

Cleaning Magnet

You have to additionally ease the magnet on your eyelashes. Do this gently. You do not favor to seize them. However, if you want to make positive you get rid of all the eyeliner pens from the magnet, as this will make certain that they are nevertheless legitimate for subsequent use.

To make sure that eyelashes and magnets are totally clean, you must use 90% alcohol. Just put alcohol on the cotton swab and run it alongside the strips of eyelashes and magnets. This will make sure that your magnetic eyelashes are totally free of any beauty or eyeliner residue and equipped for your next use.

Guidance On How To Clean Magnetic Lashes
Guidance On How To Clean Magnetic Lashes

Dry Your Eyelashes

After cleansing eyelashes, it is very vital to dry them properly. You can dry them on a towel.

Now They Are Clean, You Should Put Them Away!

Many eyelashes will be misplaced or broken if they are now not positioned in a protected place. To make sure that you can use magnetic eyelashes for as long as possible, you need to put them safely.

The following steps will assist you to maintain it in its unique state:

Do no longer put them apart whilst they are nevertheless moist or even wet.

Put your eyelashes in the authentic box. This will make certain that they hold their shape, and you will stop them from being damaged.

Eyelashes have to be saved away from the sun or direct sunlight. Sunlight can trade the color of eyelashes, which is why you prefer to save them in a darkish place. In addition, make positive to shop it in surroundings with low humidity in the air.

How Often Do I Need To Clean?

We recommend cleaning after each use or at least every 2 uses.

Yes, the eyelashes look clean, but there is still some dust and eyeliner every time you use them. Just like if you apply eye black (on your actual eyelashes), it may eventually appear on false eyelashes.

In any case, you can swipe the eyeliner with the other end of the cotton swab immediately after removing it. This makes us feel very convenient!


Cleaning and removing magnetic eyelashes is simple and convenient. It’s not difficult to keep magnetic eyelashes clean. To be honest, many brands of glue can’t even be used three times. But magnetic eyelashes last much longer. If we maintain and clean it after each use, we can usually stretch it for multiple uses.

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