When Can You Change Your Septum Piercing The Answer Is...

When Can You Change Your Septum Piercing? The Answer Is…

When can you change your septum piercing?

You leave your original jewelry in your septum piercing until it has completely healed. When the area is no longer tender and crusting, you may also change your piercing. 

Don’t change the jewelry yourself, though, if you feel the need to do so before it’s appropriate. A piercer can help with the transition, according to Healthline. 

What Is Septum Piercing?

When you get a septum piercing, a piece of jewelry will pass through the thin tissue that divides your nostrils in your nose and into the septum area. Horseshoes or small hoops or clickers, which also look beautiful for piercing, are also options.

When Can You Change Your Septum Piercing?

You must follow specific steps when changing the piercing depending on the jewelry item you are wearing. We will recommend you not to change the jewelry until the 6th or 7th week of your piercing. You must maintain your composure because wearing jewelry too soon or switching it out frequently sometimes causes damage to the septum piercing area.

If the septum piercing heals properly and is done so while taking all necessary precautions, it can look incredibly cool.  Don’t frequently touch the piercing area and keep your hands clean.

How Long Does It Take For A Septum Piercing To Heal?

The recovery period following a septum piercing is not predetermined. 

According to Healthline, it may take 2-3 months for some people but 6-8 months for others. According to Byrdie, the healing process typically takes 4-6 months. 

Depending on how well your septum piercing is healing, it might feel healed after a few weeks. Your piercing will feel “significantly better” after eight weeks, according to Jeremy Fenton, MD, who spoke with Byrdie. However, they claim that the majority of the healing will happen in the next 4-6 months. 

Fenton also emphasizes that injuries to the skin or mucosal surfaces, such as a septum piercing, can take a year to heal. They advise against changing the septum piercing before then. 

If you take really good care of your septum piercing, it will heal and be ready for new jewelry in a few months. 

When Can You Change Your Septum Piercing The Answer Is...
When Can You Change Your Septum Piercing? The Answer Is…

What Takes Place If I Change My Septum Piercing Too Soon?

The following are some of the most typical issues that could arise if you attempt to change your piercing too soon:

  • Pain: The septum is a delicate region of your body. Changing a piercing before it has had a chance to heal is almost certain to make it worse and make your eyes leak.
  • Since the hole will be inflamed and swollen, it will be more challenging to find it, making the installation of the new ring more challenging. This will inevitably lead to more suffering.
  • risk of infection growing. The scabbing and healing that have taken place will probably be partially exposed if the old piercing is removed. Inadequate sterilization and cleaning of the replacement ring could lead to an infection developing in the hole.

How Should I Maintain My New Septum Pierce?

Your piercer will provide you with specific aftercare instructions to help with the healing of your piercing and to prevent infection and other problems.

The following are crucial reminders:

In order to prevent spreading bacteria, avoid touching it and wash your hands before cleaning it.

If you can, wait until it has fully recovered before flipping it up. If you need to turn it, first rinse it with warm water to remove any crust and reduce bleeding or damage.

Use only products that do not contain alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. Avoid soaps with abrasive ingredients like triclosan or iodine. Use a homemade or store-bought saline solution to rinse the area.

Do not overclean your piercings. Instead, sanitize it twice or three times daily, or as necessary.

Be cautious when putting on clothes, blowing your nose, or doing anything else that could cause the piercing to snag or pull.

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Important Guidelines About Septum Piercings

In the paragraphs below, we’ll go over a few key points you should be aware of regarding septum piercings before you decide to get one.

Septum rings come in a variety of designs, including delicate, simple, substantial, ornate, or even the one which suits your style.

  • Some individuals believe that septum piercing is less painful than nare piercing!
  • The cartilage-covered area makes it impossible to pierce the septum. On the front side of your nose, there is a tiny, thin piece of flesh through which it is rather done.
  • By seeking the advice of a qualified and experienced piercing professional, you can reduce your risk of contracting any kind of infection.
  • Consequently, it will take 6 to 12 months for your septum piercing to fully heal. You can switch out the jewelry after a few months for an added healing effect.
  • The aftercare for a septum piercing is crucial and required. Simply gently wash your nostrils and soak the piercing in some sea salt is all that is required for this simple procedure. Until your hands are completely clean, you shouldn’t touch the piercing area.
  • To replace jewelry with less pain and more ease in a septum piercing, you should first moisten the piercing site with water or jojoba oil. Horseshoe is one such jewelry piece that you can hide easily all through by flipping it in upside down direction and gently pushing it right into your nose area

When Is My Septum Ring Changeable?

Septum piercing has developed into a widespread social trend over the past few years. It all began when celebrities began to pierce their ears and noses, and as a result, it has become much more prevalent in everyday society.


Do you want to know when you can get a new septum piercing? When it’s completely healed, to put it succinctly. Different piercings heal at different rates; yours may take three months or even a year to do so. You should leave the first jewelry change to the piercer, it’s advised. 

Continue to take care of your piercing in the interim to prevent infections that might hinder healing and endanger your health. 

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