Should You Wash Your Hair Before Bleaching It What To Do

Should You Wash Your Hair Before Bleaching It? What To Do?

Should you wash your hair before bleaching it? Before Bleaching Your Hair, Do Not Wash It. 

It could be worrying to cancel a hair-bleaching appointment because you unintentionally washed your hair before the appointment. If others discover your cancellation, you may also experience embarrassment.

The scalp won’t dry out by not washing your hair before bleaching. This guard against harm or irritation to the skin and root systems. You may skip this step if your scalp is very oily or if you plan to use a shampoo

It seems that the best way to use the bleach is to apply it without washing your hair for two days, but any bleach won’t do.

What Impact Does Bleach Have On Hair?

I had a long-standing fear of bleaching my hair as a child. Why? You know moms. There are many scary tales about that one girl who bleached her hair only to have it all fall out or the girl whose bleached hair turned green after she swam in a chlorinated pool. There were only tales of devastation.

In reality, bleaching your hair does remove nearly all of the pigment, depriving it of the melanin that gives your hair its color and/or darkness.

Thank goodness that not all destruction results from removing pigment. According to studies, blonde is the most common color for women over 25 who dye their hair. That much bleach is a lot.

Fortunately, the consensus among celebrity hairstylists is that you can have lovely, healthy bleached hair with today’s technology, proper prepping, and aftercare.

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To Wash Or Not To Wash Hair Before Bleach

Before Bleaching Your Hair, Do Not Wash It. 

Okay, so that was simple. A straightforward “no.” And here’s why: remember those horror stories from above? Yes, those girls’ hair was seriously damaged, with falling-out strands and a green tint.

You see, your skin and hair follicles are shielded by natural oils produced by your hair and scalp from daily aggressors like chlorine, the sun, and harsh, chemical-filled shampoos and conditioners. You unwittingly go bald when you combine bleach with all that natural damage. No one wants that.  

To give your scalp and hair time to accumulate those natural, protective oils before you strip your hair of its pigment, you should wait a few days before bleaching your hair.

Before bleaching your hair, your colorist may wet it, but this is frequently a normal step in the process that enables the colorist to regulate the amount of bleach and the lightning process. Never wash your hair before getting it bleached by a professional.

What To Do If I Washed My Hair Before Bleaching?

  • Two options are available to you if you unintentionally washed your hair before bleaching: either bleach it anyway or wait two days to do it.
  • Just an extra precaution, do not wash your hair for two days prior to bleaching. It has no impact on the bleaching procedure.
  • Even if you washed your hair the same day if you need to bleach it, apply coconut oil two hours before you bleach and don’t rinse it out. If you’re going to a salon, request that your stylist add Olaplex to the bleaching solution.

Why Prepare Hair For Bleaching?

Without preparation, bleaching can wreak havoc on your hair, just like running a marathon can.

Using a chemical process called bleaching, the melanin that naturally gives hair its color is dispersed after the hair cuticle is opened up. The hair gets lighter the more time the bleaching agent is allowed to stay in the hair. 

Should You Wash Your Hair Before Bleaching It What To Do
Should You Wash Your Hair Before Bleaching It? What To Do?

“As you might imagine, taking out pigment isn’t always good for the hair, according to master stylist and owner of Studio S in New York Scott Williams. “It involves breaking open the hair cuticle with force and eumelanin, the hair’s darker pigment must be dissolved. Bonds in the hair are inevitably broken during this process.”

The process of bleaching can potentially cause significant damage if not carried out properly because the cuticle, which serves as the hair shaft’s outermost layer of protection, is literally wrenched open in order to access the melanin that gives each shaft its color. 

Ways On How To Bleach Hair Without Causing Damage

  •     Planning
  •     Preparation

Make A Plan

Making up your mind about the color and/or shade you want to achieve is the first step. The state of your hair for the foreseeable future will depend on what happens at this stage. Yes, it really is, since the most crucial lesson is that you shouldn’t lighten your hair by several shades at once without risking a ton of irreparable harm.

It will require two, three, or even more sessions to get from really dark to really light. You should ask your stylist for advice on the shades that will work for your skin tone and are doable.

Make A Preparation

The planning stage is crucial. Start the procedure, if at all possible, with oily and dirty hair (really!). Don’t wash your hair before bleaching it, not the night before or even two days beforehand, as doing so will remove the natural oils from the hair (yes, even with the mildest shampoos). Not washing them away hours before you coat your hair with chemicals is essential because these oils are what shield the hair shaft during the bleaching process.

Of course, if you simply must wash your hair the night before (perhaps you had a particularly sweaty gym session), then saturate your locks in coconut oil after shampooing and leave in overnight to help minimize any damage during the bleaching process.


Prior to bleaching, you should ideally wait at least two days before washing your hair.

During that time, the scalp secretes sebum to shield the hair from the bleaching solution’s abrasiveness.

However, if you accidentally washed it, don’t worry. Coconut oil or a professional product like Olaplex can be used to protect your hair during the procedure.

None of those techniques will obstruct the bleaching procedure.

Nobody is immune from accidents. Put an end to the torture now and start working.

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