Guide On Can You Curl Eyelash Extensions

Can You Curl Eyelash Extensions Without Damage

The cosmetic industry is exploding with interest in eyelash extensions. They aid in giving you a volumized appearance that makes your eyes look bigger and more vibrant. Lash extensions can shorten the time you spend on your everyday cosmetic regimen while enhancing your natural attractiveness. The article will tell you a guide on can you curl eyelash extensions.

Use A Curler With Eyelash Extensions

When wearing extensions, using an eyelash curler is only necessary to curl your natural lashes so that they match the curl of your extensions.

You shouldn’t try to curl the extension and you can’t!

The thermoplastic fiber known as PBT is used to make the majority of artificial eyelash extensions. The manufacturer has pre-curled the extensions when they are shipped. The synthetic lashes are permanently curled using specialist equipment and just the right amount of heat.

When the extensions are already glued to your natural lashes, this method is impossible to duplicate at home.

If your lash extensions lost their curl, were going straight, or you just didn’t think they were curly enough, you should reschedule an appointment with your lash stylist.

Heated Curlers

Unlike mechanical curlers, heated curlers are perfect for curling natural lashes while wearing lengthened lashes.

These are electric curlers. Gently heat your lashes with a brush. They are perfect for holding curls in place for a few hours.

Because they apply gently to lashes like mechanical curlers without any squeezing or pulling, they are ideal for delicate fibers like eyelash extensions.

But not every heated mascara works the same way. You can choose from a price range of $6 to $32 for curling irons made with silicone heating pads or wands.

The former has heating elements on both sides, while the latter has a comb at the tip for heating.

You can find silicone heated eyelash curlers and wand heated eyelash curlers on Amazon.

The best thing about these curlers is that most have different temperature control Settings. Some products even have LED lighting on one end to help you see your lashes clearly as you curl them.

You can determine the temperature based on the strength, thickness and size of your eyelashes. Some heated eyelash curlers also come with a comb to make sure your lashes don’t come together.

However, keep in mind that even with this method, your natural lashes will return to their original (straight) shape after 12 to 24 hours.

Therefore, you must repeat the process every time you need to re-curl your lashes. Although these were originally designed for natural eyelashes, many people who wear eyelash extenders also use them regularly.

Heated eyelash curlers provide a safe and curving option regardless of your extended curl type. That said, heated mascara is more expensive than mechanical or plastic mascara.

Shouldn’T Use A Mechanical Curler With Lash Extensions

Whether you ask about eyelash technology or Google, they will tell you to strictly avoid using traditional eyelash clips when doing eyelash expansion. Mechanical hair curler is a kind of metal device. There is a rubber or silicone pad where eyelashes contact.

Interestingly, these are not even recommended for natural eyelashes, as they can cause eye infections and eyelash breakage in most cases.

But why aren’t they suitable for extension?

Mainly because when you use a mechanical eyelash curler to curl your eyelashes, your eyelashes are easy to be pulled or stuck.

Professional advice: find out why improper use of eye black will damage your natural eyelashes.

To be honest, we lose 3 to 5 natural eyelashes every day. When you wear eye black, you will lose those eye black attached to natural eyelashes.

However, if your hair falls off more than this number, it’s your curly hair habit, because it weakens the hair roots and causes the hair roots to fall off prematurely.

Professional tips: if you want to know more about eyelash lengthening, please check our article.

In addition, if you are not careful and change the rubber pad on the traditional eyelash clip from time to time, you will also increase the risk of cutting off your extended and natural eyelashes.

Another disadvantage of mechanical eyelash clip is that if you have the habit of heating metal eyelash clip, there is a risk of scalding eyelids.

Lash Extensions Lose Curls

The maintenance routine is essential to the durability of your eyelash extensions. They are made to last at least a month, but how well you take care of them will determine how long they last. Many factors might cause lash extensions to lose their curl. To help you steer clear of them, we’ve highlighted a handful of these causes below.


If you utilize mink lashes rather than synthetic PBT, your extensions may lose their shape more quickly. In contact with water, mink lashes tend to straighten since they are not water-proof.


Your extensions are quite delicate and heat quickly harms them. The synthetic fiber in your lashes may become distorted by excessive heat.

Your extensions may also be at risk from indirect heat. Keep the heat away from your eyelash extensions when blow-drying your hair. The usage of hot baths or saunas might also have negative effects.

Sleeping Patterns

Your lashes may be harmed if you sleep on your face. Try to develop the practice of sleeping on your back to preserve your beautiful lashes for as long as you can.

Cotton, linen, or polyester pillowcases are not lash-friendly. Non-abrasive surfaces, like silk or satin, will minimize harm to your extensions’ form and also lessen early shedding.

Poor cleaning

To prevent the growth of bacteria, eyelash extensions must be cleaned and washed every day. Excessive dirt and grease can accumulate on your extensions if you neglect to clean them, especially after wearing eye makeup. Because of the clumping caused by this, your lashes’ curl will also be affected.

Pick The Perfect Curl For Lash Extensions

It is far better to choose eyelash extensions with stronger curls from the start rather than attempting to curl them.

Here is a guide to the many lash extension curls, ranging from low to high, so you may choose the one that best fits your style:

  • The tip of a “J” curl has a curve.
  • A “B” curl has more shape than a “J”.
  • The natural lash is enhanced by the “C” curl.
  • Between a C and a D is the “CC” curl.
  • Contrary to CC, “D” curl is curvier.
  • The ultimate curliness is a “U” curl.
  • On naturally straight lashes, a “L” curl is typically applied.
  • The lift and curve are combined to form the “L+” curl.
  • The “M” curl progresses straight up.

How To  Keep Eyelash Extensions Curled?

Utilize a fresh mascara brush to separate the fan and recurl your extensions to maintain their curl.

To avoid moving or loosing the extensions, just do this a couple of times per day, typically in the morning and at night.

Stick to the simple regimen of recurling your extensions once in the morning and once at night if you’re unclear how frequently to do so.

How About Curl Your Eyelash Extensions?

By re-curling the natural eyelashes to which the extensions are attached, you can wear extensions while wearing your natural lashes curled. Above your lash line, never curl the extensions.

Technicians utilize a specific preset curl when applying the extensions to produce the desired shape.

You run the danger of breaking your extensions, having them fall out, and damaging the curve of the extension if you attempt to curl the top portion of your extensions.

Despite the fact that you can curl your extensions, check with your lash technician to make sure it won’t harm the structure.

How About Get A Lash Lift Or Lash Perm On Eyelash Extensions?

Never get your eyelashes lifted or permed while using eyelash extensions.

The lash adhesive that holds natural eyelashes and artificial ones together falls apart when eyelash extensions are permed.

This is due to the fact that when the chemical in lash adhesives (cyanoacrylate) and lash perm (permanent wave lotion) come into touch with one another, a reaction known as heat evolution[7] takes place. Your eyelash extensions will lose their hold more quickly as a result.

Before getting lash extensions, you can always have your natural lashes lifted, especially if their fibers are straight. There is absolutely no issue with getting the lash lift before the lash extensions!

How About Curl And Put Mascara On Eyelash Extensions?

You may curl and apply mascara to eyelash extensions in the same manner as curling your natural lashes.

Guide On Can You Curl Eyelash Extensions
Guide On Can You Curl Eyelash Extensions

However, not all lash extensions can withstand mascara.

The only kind of eyelash extensions that require mascara are traditional ones. Avoid mascara on hybrid, volume, and mega volume lashes. These could alter the contour of the expansion or make it appear hefty.

Use A Heated Eyelash Curler With Eyelash Extensions

It’s crucial to adhere to a few general guidelines while using a heated curler with eyelash extensions:

Make sure to thoroughly clean and brush both your natural and fake lashes. Before using the curler, make sure your eyelashes are fully dry.

Warm up the eyelash curler. Consider your eye shape and how you would like to curl your lashes.

Start curling at the lash line as soon as the curler is warm. To accomplish this, gently curl the eyelashes from the base to the tips.

Hold and mould the eyelashes into the desired shape while they are still heated. Hold them in that position while waiting for them to totally cool (this will help keep the form).

For optimal results, perform the procedure three to four times.


Eyelash extensions cannot be curled, however, a heated curler can be used to curl the natural lash to which the extension is attached. Extensions for eyelashes already have a predetermined curl. You can schedule another appointment with your lash stylist or wait until your next refill if you would want your extensions to have a more pronounced curl.

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