Where To Apply Highlighter On Face How To Apply

Where To Apply Highlighter On Face? How To Apply

To begin with, where to apply highlighter on face? 

Chin, nose, cheeks, lips, clavicle, eyebrow bone, inner corners of eyes, immediate area and eyelid center.

There is always time for a little glow-up, whether you are working from home or returning to the workforce. One of the trade’s best-kept secrets: most of us still need to learn where to apply highlighter on our face.
Although it’s not difficult, it does require some insider information, so let’s get started!

For more information, keep reading.

Where To Apply Highlighter On Face?

Try these 5 specific areas for a polished, mature glow after experimenting with where to apply highlighter to your face.

Center Of Your Chin

The center of your chin can be highlighted, which is a great makeup trick to try if you have a longer or more oval-shaped face that you want to slightly round out. To make the highlighter look natural, make sure to thoroughly blend it out in this area.


Highlight the nose’s bridge and add a tiny bit of Shinelighter to the tip to lengthen your face. The areas of your nose you want to highlight will be better able to catch the light as a result. To extend the long line, you can also dab a little on your cupid’s bow, which is located just above your upper lip and beneath your nose.


Start with your cheeks if you’re hesitant to illuminate your entire face. The apples of the cheeks are the most popular location to apply highlighter because that is where your face naturally glows. To do it without overdoing it, think about it like this: on the apples of your cheeks, create a parenthesis to frame your eyes with two “C-shapes with their insides out.


Shinelighter can be applied to your lips in one of two ways:

1. By using Shinelighter all over, you can transform your favorite matte lipstick into a glossy game-changer.

2. To naturally lengthen and brighten your face, dab a dot on your lower chin, the center of your bottom lip, and your cupid’s bow.


Although it seems strange, trust us. In the warmer months when you’re sporting tanks, swimsuits, and strapless tops, using a little Shinelighter on your collarbone is a great way to add sheen and glow to your overall appearance.

Brow Bone

A key component of your bone structure and a face feature that reflects light is the brow bone. By using highlighter to brighten the region (under the brow arch), you can give the appearance of your brows being lifted.

Inner Corners Of Your Eyes

Your eyes’ inner corners are typically more prone to darkness than other parts of your face. To make this area appear brighter and to make your eyes appear more alert, use highlighter.

Under-eye Area

Yes, this is a strange one, but it really does work. The under-eye area can be dark, just like the inner corner of the eyes, and highlighter is a great way to help add some brightness to it. After applying your under-eye concealer, lightly layer it on, or combine some liquid highlighter, such as the aforementioned True Match Lumi Glotion Natural Glow Enhancer, with your concealer before applying it to your dark circles.

Center Of Your Eyelids

Adding a delicate highlight to the middle of your eyelids is another fantastic way to make your eyes and overall appearance brighter. On days when you wear natural makeup, this is a great way to look more awake and add some glow, even though it might not be appropriate if you’re going for a nude smokey eye.

What Highlighter Makeup Should I Pick?

There is no right or wrong way to glow. However, there might be a more suitable choice depending on your skin type or your desired look. Check out the best highlighters for the job below; ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which one you like and which one you prefer.

L’oréal Paris True Match Lumi Shimmerista Highlighting Powder

This is the highlighter for you if you’re looking for a very light-weight, buildable powder that you can use on both your face and your body. Its subtle shimmer gives the skin an exquisite luminosity.

L’oréal Paris True Match Lumi Glow Nude Highlighter Palette

Finding the highlighter color that complements your skin tone best may be achieved by combining and contrasting different highlighter shades. Four powder shades are included in this palette, and they offer a soft, lit-from-within glow that is simple to build up in intensity if desired.

L’oréal Paris True Match Lumi Glotion Natural Glow Enhancer

You’ve found your match with this liquid highlighter if you’re looking for a soft glow that blends into the skin. For a targeted glow, you can apply liquid highlighter to particular areas of the body or all over the skin as a luminous base before foundation. See more about How To Apply Lipstick Perfectly

Where To Apply Highlighter On Face? How To Apply
Where To Apply Highlighter On Face? How To Apply

How To Apply Highlighter Makeup?

The formula you choose and the area where you apply it will determine whether you get the glow you want. “The majority of the highlighters I use are cream or liquid based and using your fingers is key for

those types of products,” According to Sir John, “The warmth from your hands helps melt the product into the skin.”

Highly effective at blending into the skin are cream and liquid highlighters. Always begin with clean hands, and for a seamless, natural glow, lightly press the liquid formula into the high points of your face with your fingertips.

When you have oily skin or feel uncomfortable using cream products, powder highlighters are also fantastic. “Use a medium-sized fluffy brush and a light hand when applying powder formulas, he advises. To create a diffused glow rather than a harsh line of shimmer, a fluffy brush will aid in spreading and blending the highlighter onto the high points. See more about How To Apply Lash Serum?

Is It Better To Apply Highlighter Before Or After Blush?

Apply highlighter to your cheekbones prior to blush if you’re using only liquid or only powder cosmetics. The blush will aid in blending the highlighter and creating a smooth, luminous application when you apply it over the top. You can use cream, liquid, or powder formulas as well; just make sure the products layer well. If not, lifting and patchiness may result.

Do You Apply Highlighter Prior To Or Following Foundation?

To create a luminous base, liquid highlighter can be applied before foundation. It can also be applied after foundation to highlight particular areas. Even better, you can incorporate it into your foundation to thin out the coverage and achieve a dewy look. The rationale is that liquid foundations and highlighters can layer and blend well together because they both have a liquid consistency.

To ensure your makeup looks even, powder highlighter and cream formulas are best applied after foundation. (Before setting your foundation, don’t forget to use cream formulations.)

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Applying Highlighter Makeup

Although glowing, radiant skin is undoubtedly in, there are some rules you should follow when applying shimmery highlighters.

DO use a highlighter color that goes well with your skin tone for a soft, lit-from-within sheen.

DO highlighter in areas that catch light to bring out your best features: on cheekbones and temples, down the bridge of your nose, under brows, the inner corners of eyes, and above the cupid’s bow.

DON’T use shimmery or softly matte products for your other makeup, such as foundation, blush, or bronzer.

DO blot highlighter with a damp makeup sponge, a fan brush, or your fingers after applying it. Make sure to blend any sharp edges of highlighter so it blends into the rest of your skin to prevent product blobs and obvious makeup lines.

DO NOT sweep or blend highlighter across your entire face. This is less chic and more E.T.


Essentially, highlighting is the complete opposite of contouring. In order to give the appearance that certain features are being pulled inward and chiseled, contouring involves using a color that is darker than your skin tone. While using highlighter, you can catch light and draw attention to your features by using a shimmery color that is much lighter than your skin tone. In addition to being used to highlight and illuminate the skin, light-reflecting cosmetics also help give your face dimension, which is particularly useful after a full-coverage foundation has washed out your facial features. The results can be stunning when contouring is added.

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