Can You Use Nair On Your Face What You Should Follow

Can You Use Nair On Your Face? What You Should Follow

According to Healthline, the depilatory cream Nair works by chemically dissolving hair at the skin’s surface. Although this method of hair removal is generally thought to be safe, there are some potential risks.

Can you use nair on your face? Yes.

The face can be treated with Nair hair removal cream. It’s best to limit its use to the cheeks, upper lip, and chin. Keep your mouth and eyes closed. Additionally, make sure you are applying a face-specific product, like Nair Face Cream.

What happens then when you apply it to your face, one of your body’s most delicate areas? 

Check out our guide below if you’re ready to learn how to use Nair on your face. 

Pros Of Using Nair On Your Face

Super Soft And Smooth Skin

Nair is a depilatory cream that removes hairs from the root, both above and below the skin. In contrast to shaving, they typically regrow thinner and with softer tips, and you don’t develop the same kind of sharp stubble.

Additionally, Nair has added ingredients that give the skin a super smooth, dewy appearance by tending to soften it. It makes a fantastic canvas for applying makeup.

Super Cheap

Nair is about the most affordable option there is for removing facial hair. You can buy a bottle of Nair Face Cream on Amazon for under $10 (and even cheaper if you buy in bulk). You can get months of use out of one bottle, and it never goes bad.

You will save a ton of money if you compare this to salon waxing or threading.


Nair doesn’t hurt, unlike many other techniques that remove hair from the roots. Because it simply dissolves the hair instead of ripping it out. This might make Nair more alluring to you if you are extremely sensitive to hair removal techniques like waxing.

Cons Of Using Nair On Your Face

Potential Burns And Discoloration

Nair contains chemicals that, if you aren’t very careful, can easily burn your skin. On most body parts, this is unpleasant, but it hurts the face the most. Not only is it excruciatingly painful, but it can also leave scars and scabs that are embarrassing.

A temporary or even permanent discoloration may result from Nair burns or irritation. People with darker skin are more likely to experience this.

Waiting 24 Hours

You must wait 24 hours after using Nair on your face before using any perfume-containing products, or your skin may become irritated. Some people must refrain from using any products for up to 24 hours, including lotions and cosmetics.

Moreover, you should wait 24 hours after using Nair before going outside in the sun. You can probably get by with a hat, an umbrella, or some other method of keeping the sun off your face if you only need to go outside for a short period of time. Avoid going to the beach, though.

Not The Longest-lasting Method

Although it doesn’t hurt as much, waxing, sugaring, and epilation—methods that remove hair from the root—don’t produce hair removal that lasts as long. Instead, within a week, you’ll probably notice hairs growing back.

What Is Nair?

A hair removal cream by the name of Nair. Chemicals in depilatories or hair removal creams temporarily remove unwanted body and facial hair.

A depilatory is a cream or lotion that contains a potent, alkaline-based ingredient. Depilatories function by merely removing hair from the skin’s surface. They don’t remove hair from the hair root or the skin’s surface; only the top layer of the skin.

Nair’s depilatory cream has the following ingredients:

  • Calcium or potassium thioglycolate
  • Calcium, potassium, or sodium hydroxide

Nair also contains:

  • Water
  • Perfume or fragrance
  • Calcium carbonate
  • Cetyl alcohol
  • Sodium lauryl sulfate
  • Sodium silicate solution
  • Baby oil
  • Almond oil
  • Aloe vera

How Does Nair Cream Work?

It is essential to comprehend hair structure before understanding how Nair functions.

Keratin, a protein fiber that is twisted together like yarn and held by a chemical bond, makes up each hair strand. The hair follicle swells when exposed to calcium or potassium hydroxide, which facilitates the opening of the keratin fibers. It facilitates the penetration of thioglycolate salts and the dissociation of the sulfur-based bonds that bind the hair fibers. The hair degrades after the bonds are severed and is easily removed by wiping.

Nair also acts as an exfoliant, removing dead skin cells from the surface of your skin.

What Really Happens If You Use Nair On Your Face

Using depilatory creams intended for the body on your face is not recommended. These formulas have a higher concentration of chemicals, according to Cosmopolitan, to remove body hair, which is typically thicker than facial hair. The active ingredients in Nair, calcium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide, can result in a chemical burn on your skin if you use a body formula on your face (source: Healthline). A moderate to severe chemical burn from Nair can result in raw skin and blistering, while a mild one can cause redness and irritation.

Make Sure You Use The Right Type Of Depilatory Cream

Fortunately, Nair has a formula that’s gentle on facial skin. Selecting the right kind of cream for your skin is crucial. “Use a facial formulation for the face and a body formulation for the body, advises Robyn Gmyrek, MD, a board-certified dermatologist at Park View Laser Dermatology, in an interview with Who What Wear. “If you have sensitive skin, use a sensitive skin formulation. It is still, in my opinion, worthwhile to trust the manufacturer even though there are no specific requirements that these formulations must meet in accordance with the FDA in order to label themselves as hypoallergenic or for sensitive skin.”

You should use Nair with extra caution on your face even though it has a special formula because your skin is more sensitive than other parts of your body. To make sure you won’t react allergic to the lotion, always perform a test patch. To prevent any unfavorable side effects, make sure to carefully read and adhere to the instructions. To avoid leaving the cream on for longer than necessary, set a timer. You shouldn’t have any trouble leaving Nair on your face if you use the proper formula and adhere to the instructions.

Can You Use Nair On Your Face What You Should Follow
Can You Use Nair On Your Face? What You Should Follow

How To Apply Nair For Face Hair Removal Cream

Apply a small amount of Nair to a discrete area of the area where you intend to use it as a patch test. See how it operates by following the rest of these instructions. If you don’t experience any irritation, burns, discoloration, or other side effects, wait 24 hours, and then proceed with the remaining area.

  • Use a gentle cleanser or water and a towel to clean your skin.
  • Apply a thick, even layer of Nair to the hair, taking care not to rub it in.
  • Set a 3-minute timer. Recover your container with the lid and wait patiently.
  • Check to see if the hair comes off with a small amount of the cream after three minutes by wiping it off with a cloth. If so, remove the remaining cream by wiping. In the event that not, try again in a few more seconds.
  • You will need to completely rinse off the cream in a total of 5 to 10 minutes, depending on the product you purchased. To be sure which one you have, check the instructions on your product! Since some creams are stronger than others, they must be removed within 5 minutes. Burns could occur if Nair is left on longer.
  • Apply lukewarm water to your face and thoroughly rinse it. If necessary, wipe away all residue with a soft cloth, but avoid vigorously rubbing the skin. After using Nair, avoid washing your face with soap or any other products.
  • With a soft towel, pat the face dry.
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Tips For Using Nair On Face

  • Be sure to use a Nair product made specifically for the face. Nair Face Cream is something you should search for in the US. They go by various names in the UK and other nations. But in general, just check the label to make sure it’s for the face.
  • Care must be taken when using Nair because misuse can cause rashes, burns, and discoloration.
  • Avoid the sun for 24 hours. If you must go, protect your face from tanner by donning a hat, scarf, umbrella, etc.
  • The area should be left untreated for 24 hours after using Nair before applying any perfumed products or other products containing harsh chemicals.
  • Stay away from the eyes. Call poison control or your doctor right away if you get anything in your eyes and rinse with water.
  • If you accidentally ingest Nair, you should also call poison control
  • Nair must not be applied to skin that is harmed, broken, cut, or inflamed.
  • If you feel any burning or stinging, remove the product immediately.

Can Nair Be Used On The Brows?

Nair advises against applying their creams near the eyes or brows. You do not want to unintentionally get these strong chemicals in your eyes.

Some women do use it to shave the hair between their brows (the unibrow) or to shape the tops of their eyebrows. I would suggest staying away from it. Nevertheless, the safest places to apply it are around the brows.

The absolute worst thing you could do is put it there. Because of the harsh chemicals in Nair, the skin there is typically too thin to handle them.

Additionally, it’s very close to your eyelids and eyes. Before attempting this, picture how you’d appear if you unintentionally used the chemicals in Nair to dissolve half of your eyelashes.

Final Words

The post focused on whether can you use nair on your face.

It’s simple to feel self-conscious about the hair on your upper lip or in the space between your brows. Using a depilatory cream is arguably one of the quickest, easiest, and least painful ways to remove unwanted facial hair. Other methods include waxing and shaving. Apply the cream, clean your skin, test it on a small area of your face, and then remove it.

Can you use Nair on your face was the article’s main focus? Please leave a comment if you’re interested in learning whether you can use Nair on your face. I’m grateful you read. Have a good day.

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