Can You Use Regular Nail Polish With Gel Top Coat What You Need To Know

Can You Use Regular Nail Polish With Gel Top Coat? What You Need To Know

First, can you use regular nail polish with gel top coat?

In short, you should not apply a gel top coat to your regular nail polish since regular nail polish has a long drying time and gel polish will trap moisture under the top coat. You should only use a standard base coat and top coat when painting your nails with standard nail lacquer, we advise.

Please continue reading as I explain the particular information in the post.

What Is A Gel Top Coat?

Gel top coats are extremely resistant to damage, making them strong and long-lasting. Additionally, they are hard to peel or chip, which increases their durability and impermeability. A normal nail polish only lasts two to three days, whereas a gel top coat makes your manicure last for two weeks.

They also aid in keeping your nails protected. They assist in avoiding chips and scratches in any nail polish you may be wearing.

Can You Wear A Gel Top Coat Over A Regular Nail Polish?

For longer wear and a shinier appearance, apply a UV gel top coat over regular nail polish.

When it comes to resistance to peeling and chipping, UV gel topcoats are incredibly strong. As a result, depending on the brand you use, they can help your standard manicure last anywhere from ten to twelve days.

UV Gel Top Coat With Regular Nail Polish Benefits

With the aid of a gel topcoat, conventional nail polishes can:

  1. Improve the longevity and durability
  2. Look more glossy
  3. Have smoother texture

Gel polishes look beautiful. They appear nice and glossy. Additionally, they are very durable; some varieties last for three weeks without chipping, peeling, or fading.

In contrast, conventional nail polishes and topcoats are less durable and, depending on how much activity you do, may only last 5–6 days when used.

However, there are some negative aspects to gel polishes as well.

  • Are expensive in comparison to regular nail polish
  • Their color scheme isn’t nearly as varied.
  • Additionally, it is harder to get rid of them.

Why Do People Combine Regular Nail Polish With A Gel Topcoat?

Many users of nail polish claim that a gel top coat extends the life of regular nail polish and gives it a glossier appearance and smoother texture.

Gel polishes are fantastic because they have a glossy appearance and last for a very long time without peeling or chipping. However, gel polish can cost more than conventional nail polish.

For this reason, a lot of beauty enthusiasts prefer to combine regular nail polish with a gel top coat. They want the gel nail polish’s gloss and durability while also saving money. Because of this, the “Gelly sandwich” has gained a lot of traction.

The “gelly Sandwich”

Between a gel base coat and top coat, you must seal a regular nail polish using this method. A squishy interior and a vibrant exterior are the result of this. You should look for the top matte nail polish companies if you want colorful varnishes.

But how successful is this tactic?

If you try the “gelly sandwich,” you’ll notice that your manicure only lasts a few days before it starts to peel.

This is because of the gel base coat.

What About Using Regular Nail Polish Over A Gel Base Coat?

Similar to a gel top coat, a UV gel base coat shouldn’t be used with regular nail polish. Regular nail polish won’t stick to a gel base coat very well.

The purpose of a base coat is to secure your nail polish to the nail plate. In contrast to regular nail lacquer, a gel base coat has a different chemical composition. Because of this, the nail polish won’t adhere to the gel base coat properly.

Your polish will peel and flake more readily if it does not adhere to the nail plate properly.

You still need to invest in a good base coat. Discover the significance of base coat nail polish for your manicure.

Can You Use Regular Nail Polish With Gel Top Coat What You Need To Know
Can You Use Regular Nail Polish With Gel Top Coat? What You Need To Know

How Should Regular Nail Polish Be Used With Gel Top Coat?

If you want to use regular nail polish with gel top coat so the finished nails won’t cause any issues, you must do two things.

Regular Nail Polish Must Be Dry Completely

Only when the regular polish is completely dry can you apply gel top coat over it. The gel top coat will go over regular nail polish and prevent the liquid solvents from drying out if it is still wet, meaning that they have not yet left the nails by evaporating.

For the gel top coat to adhere to, these solvents do not create a stable foundation. This will make the dried gel top coat easily slide off the nails or peel off.

Regular nail polish, on the other hand, will function as a sturdy base for the gel top coat to adhere to once it has completely dried. As a result, your gel top coat will stay on your nails longer than regular nail polish.

Another issue you have to deal with during the removal process is regular nail polish with a gel top coat.

Removing Gel Top Coat Over Regular Polish By Soaking In Warm Water

When you try to remove regular nail polish after applying gel top coat, a problem arises.

In acetone, regular nail polishes dissolve very quickly. In other words, the regular nail polish color will combine with the acetone to form a colored acetone solution.

This colored acetone would have time to stain your nails, cuticles, and the surrounding skin if you soak or wrap your fingers as you would normally do to remove the gel top coat for at least 15 minutes. The color of the stain will be deeper the darker the regular nail polish.

You shouldn’t have any issues if you carefully adhere to the directions provided for applying gel top coat over regular nail polish. See more about How Much Does It Cost To Get Acrylic Nails?

How Is Regular Polish Covered With Gel Top Coat?

There are two things you can do because the regular nail polish needs to be completely dry before the gel top coat is applied.

Air Dry Regular Nail Polish

Wait at least three hours, preferably 24 or the following day, for the regular nail polish to air dry. To use a gel top coat safely, you must wait until the conventional nail polish has dried.

Suppose you don’t want to wait that long?

There is a method for those quick-tempered nail lovers.

A heater fan is something you must use.

Force Dry Regular Nail Polish

You must use heat to force-dry your nails after painting them with the first coat of regular nail polish.

Set your heater fan at low heat and low speed, put your nails in front of the heater so that you feel warm air flowing to your nails. The nail polish will bubble up or wrinkle if you place your hands too close to a heater because it heats up too quickly.

  • Dry the first coat of regular polish for three minutes. Applying the second coat of nail polish comes after it is touchably dry.
  • For at least five minutes, preferably ten, let the second coat of regular polish dry.

You can now put on a gel top coat and turn off the heater fan.

Once you cure, you’re done.

Remove Gel Top Coat From A Regular Nail Polish

It can be challenging to remove a UV gel top coat from regular nail polish.

Although there are a few options, I believe the one listed below to be the most efficient.

To begin, cover your nails with a cotton ball soaked in acetone. Ensure that the cotton ball is securely positioned on top of your nails.

Aluminum foil should now be wrapped around your nails, making sure that it touches the cotton ball.

After that, let the cotton balls and foil sit for 10 to 15 minutes. Your gel topcoat should now be fully removed.

Simply carry out the steps above again if your gel topcoat is still not completely gone.

Additional Tips:

Try gently filing away any remaining gel top coat with a nail file if your gel top coat is still not completely gone.

Use a gentle hand when doing this because you don’t want to hurt your nails.

Applying nourishing cuticle oil or cream will help to restore moisture if you notice that your nails feel dry and brittle after removing the gel top coat.

The Bottom Line

You have to be very patient to get it right because it doesn’t always work. While the drying process for a regular manicure takes about 20 minutes at the salon, the solvents in regular polish take 24 hours to completely dry. Applying a gel topcoat will seal in wet polish if the solvents aren’t fully dried. Or the topcoat might simply come off on its own.

I want to thank you for reading, but that’s not the end of it.

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