How To Self Tan As A Beginner

If you want to tan your skin without worrying about sun damage, don’t think about ultraviolet rays, use a self-tanning machine instead. You may have heard horror stories of bad self-tanning work, including stripes, orange hands, and dark wrinkles, but these problems can be avoided if you prepare your skin correctly and use the tanning formula carefully.

Step1: Preparation Before Self Tanning

Exfoliating should be done at least 24 hours before tanning. This will get rid of any dead skin and lay a perfect base for your tanning app. We advise using our exfoliating cream and tan moisturizer. The feet, ankles, elbows, and knees are particularly dry areas that should receive extra attention when exfoliating. Make sure to finish shaving your body 24 hours before tanning if you decide to do so. Self-tanning substances could seep into these open pores and cause blemishes and uneven surfaces. For the purpose of preventing sunburn, deodorant and perfume can create a layer of stickiness on the skin’s surface. Some fake tans can also turn green when exposed to them. Preventing them from converging before and during tanning is the best course of action.

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Step2: Right Choice For Self Tanning

We recommend using one of the following tanning methods: choose the self-tanning device that works best for you and the degree of completion you want. Use a body lotion with a gradual tanner to gradually increase and regulate the depth of your tan. Simply apply it like moisturizer, and starting the first day, a light luster will start to develop. After that, you can repeat the process each day to see the desired effects.  After smearing, wash your hands! Consider not rinsing if you are concerned about tanning your freshly washed skin too long. Don’t worry; it will automatically adjust to the color of your skin.

Step3: Moisturize Before Self Tanning

Make sure your skin is adequately hydrated because fake tans typically adhere to extremely dry areas. On particularly dry areas like elbows, knees, ankles, feet, and hands, apply moisturizer 2-3 hours before tanning. Do this daily for the week prior to tanning. Your skin will feel silky smooth and velvety soft after using our Tan Enhanced Body Moisturizer. Before tanning, apply it all over your body, paying special attention to dry areas. This will stop your skin from absorbing too much tan and making you look mottled instead of gorgeous and glowing.

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Step4: Let Self Tanning Develop

If possible, wait at least 20 minutes before dressing, wait at least 12 hours before taking a shower, or dry your skin somewhere far away (like with skin care products or perfume). If you want to keep your tan after your bath, don’t shave right away. Your tan skin will be lost if you use shaving cream because shaving removes dead skin. To prolong the life of your fake tan, Silaldo advises using hair removal cream rather than shaving cream if you need to remove hair from your legs or arms.

Step5: Finishing For Self Tanning

To make the skin darker, reapply the self-tanning product. Reuse the self-tanning milk in the same manner as you did at first if you want a deeper tan or if your bronzed skin begins to fade. To avoid having faded spots and newly tanned spots, make sure to apply it evenly. Every few days, you can reapply a gradual self-tanning product to subtly deepen your bronzed skin.


The article gives advice on how to self-tan for beginners. Above 5 steps will make self-tan easily. But remember:

  • Don’t worry about borders; The skin on your lips and nipples won’t be too affected by self-tanning, so don’t go out of your way to avoid them.
  • Try mixing this product with lotion to give your skin a more natural, natural look.
  • Stretch marks that are less than a few years old may turn black.
  • Freckles and moles are likely to darken with the skin.
  • If you don’t have help applying tanning cream to your back, use a spray or sponge brush, or roller.
  • If you have a hairbrush with a smooth, flat back, you can also use it to trim your back.
  • Just make sure you really rub it and wipe it off the back of the brush when you’re done.
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