How To Line Lips Perfectly A Step-by-step Guide

How To Line Lips Perfectly? A Step-by-step Guide

How to line lips perfectly? To line lips perfectly, you need to follow these instructions´╝Ü

  • preparing your lips
  • exfoliating your lips
  • moisturizing your lips
  • picking the right color
  • reversing line with concealer
  • lining your upper lip
  • lining your bottom lip

Now, let’s read for more details.

Preparing Your Lips

This is the first step on how to line lips. Use a lip scrub to gently remove any dead skin, then apply lip balm to create a smooth surface. Prior to applying color, give the balm a few moments to absorb. (As a last resort, you can manually exfoliate with a damp washcloth or a dry toothbrush. Just be extra careful so as not to irritate or cause microtears in your skin.)

Exfoliating Your Lips

Lips that are flaky and chapped are unsightly and will ruin your lipstick game. Before applying the lip liner, scrub your lips. Brown sugar and honey can be combined in equal parts to make a homemade lip scrub, or you can use any lip scrub to exfoliate your lips. Applying lip liner and lipstick will be simple as a result.

Moisturizing Your Lips

Prior to lining or coloring your lips, you must complete this step. Lip balm will hydrate any dry lips and give you a defined and smooth outline. Once you apply the lip color, it will also stop any creases and cracks.

Picking The Right Colour

The lip liner that is slightly darker than your lip color is the one you should use. The lip liner and lip color can match if you want the color to be more intense and have more depth. Choose a color that is most similar to your natural lip color for a natural appearance. For a beautiful pop of color without overpowering your face, neutral or delicate pink hues are fantastic. They also work well for daytime looks or to soften a look that includes a lot of eye makeup.

Reversing Line With Concealer

Working your way around your top and bottom lips, dab concealer onto the skin just outside your lip line. Using your fingertips or a damp sponge, blend it into your foundation (or bare skin) until it reaches the lip’s edge.

How To Line Lips Perfectly A Step-by-step Guide
How To Line Lips Perfectly? A Step-by-step Guide

Lining Your Upper Lip

Make sure the tip of your traditional lip pencil is clean and sharp before applying it. To soften a too-sharp tip and warm the product up so it blends more easily, make some squiggles on the back of your hand. To begin, draw an “X” to indicate the highest points of your cupid’s bow. Once you’ve reached the outer corners of your lips, gradually work your way outward from the high points in short strokes. 

Lining Your Bottom Lip

Once more, starting at the center of your lower lip, move outward toward the corners of your mouth while staying just inside the natural contour of your face. (Reverse it, working from the outer corners toward the center for a slightly fuller appearance.)

Filling In

This is the last step on how to line lips. To even out the color, dab some lipstick on both your bottom and top lips and lightly smudge them together. After that, pay attention to your lip line and blend the lip liner and lipstick together using a lip brush or your fingertip. Once you’re happy with the coverage and blend, dab some more lipstick onto just the center of your lips and rub them together once more. Done!


Even the most seasoned makeup wearer may struggle to correctly on how to line lips. If done correctly, it can prolong the wear of your lipstick, stop color bleeding and feathering, give your lips more definition, and highlight or conceal lip features.

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