Can You Shower After Tanning: What You Need To Know

People often ask some questions after tanning: After using tanning beds, how long should I wait before showering? The article will answer question about can I shower after tanning. Please read on…

How Long Can I Take A Bath After Getting A Tan?

For many of us, achieving golden skin is a long, slow process that requires constant work.

After all the work of spending time, planning, and implementing a tan, you don’t want to wash it all away in a quick shower. To make matters worse, your fearsome tan! If you wash off your spray tan or tan too quickly, you run the risk of getting an unsightly, streaky spray tan all over your skin. How long you should wait to shower after tanning depends on your environment.

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Are you sunbathing? Using tanning beds? Or use self-tanning lotion? What about the bronzes? Did you use any of these? The amount of time you should wait after sunbathing will vary greatly depending on the method you use. The same goes for exercise and tanning. All of these variables can affect when the best time to shower is related to how much time you spend sunbathing.

Why Wait For Shower Before Tanning?

Many people find that the tanning process takes a few hours before the tanning meeting is completed, perhaps as much as 24-48 hours! Usually, the difference in skin color doesn’t show up until a few hours after tanning (and sunburn usually doesn’t fully show up until a few hours after an unhealthy sunburn). So, yes, the skin changes after tanning for a long time. But does taking a bath after tanning affect the process? If you are tanning on a tanning bed or outdoors, ultraviolet rays activate the epidermis, the skin’s outermost melanocytes. Through the process of melanin production, these melanocytes produce melanin, which darkens the skin. This process is completely unaffected by taking a shower or washing it with soap and water. You can’t wash it off. In other words, taking a bath can cool the skin faster, thus slightly changing the process of tanning. Waiting for your skin to cool naturally, you will maximize your conversions. 

If you only use a tanning bed without bronzed cosmetics, accelerators, or anything like that, you can take a bath after your skin cools, about 20 minutes after tanning.

What’s The Myth About Showing After Tanning?

Some people feel dirty, so they take a shower right after tanning. The rest, on the other hand, chose to wait as long as possible. Bathing after tanning is always a hot topic. As a result, there was a lot of overthinking. It has also given rise to many misconceptions and myths. So let’s clear up some of the misconceptions surrounding the whole relationship between sunbathing and showering.

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No.1: Will Taking A Shower Will Wash Away The Tan?

Suntanned skin cannot be washed off. The golden bronze on your skin is caused by a natural pigment called melanin. When your skin is exposed to ultraviolet light, it activates melanocytes that produce melanin. You may not notice the blackening of the skin right away. It usually takes 24 to 48 hours to see the difference in skin color. However, the natural process of pigmentation is water-resistant, and a simple shower can’t wash it off. Do you know that some salons have embedded tanning lights in their showers? This shows that being wet by a drizzle will not change the effect of tanning. However, there may be several exceptions to the rule of taking a bath immediately after tanning. If you use bronzed makeup on a tanning bed, you will have to wait at least two to three hours before taking a bath. This period of time can keep the product working, giving you magical bronzed skin.

No.2: Can Taking A Shower Immediately Fade Your Spray Tanning?

Yes, it can wash off suntanned skin. This time the tanning effect is achieved by manual means. 

Suppose you are not exposed to ultraviolet rays of sunlight and rely only on spray tanning. In this way, your skin will not produce natural pigmentation. Unlike naturally occurring melanin, bronzed cosmetics and similar tanning treatments only occur on the surface of the skin. Although bronzed cosmetics can produce a sunny golden sheen on your skin, it’s only superficial. It is temporary and easy to remove. Therefore, taking a bath shortly after applying bronzed cosmetics or any spray bronzed care will make the artificial bronzed color fade. In fact, taking a bath immediately after tanning can lead to poor results and uneven stripes. 

To ensure that the spray tanning effect is ideal, wait for at least three to four hours before rushing in. But if you are using a bronzed spray, wait at least 8 hours.

Importance Of Your First Shower After Tanning

The first shower after tanning plays a crucial role in achieving perfect golden skin. Whether you’re outdoors basking in the sun, lying on a tanning bed, or using the sun indoors, bathing after tanning will determine your skin tone. That being said, some people now oppose the idea. Especially after using bronzers, lotions, and spray tans.

Right Shower After Tanning?

Not all showers are the same. This is especially true for taking a bath after tanning. 

If you want to take a bath after tanning, there are some correct ways. You can do this. Never bathe in hot water after tanning. Your skin has experienced enough complex tanning; exposure to ultraviolet light, heating, and burning spray tanning, chemicals, and so on. So when you choose to take a bath after tanning, be sure to use warm water. There is no doubt that taking a bath is great. They help relieve tired and tense muscles. But when you just finish sunbathing, the situation is different. Ideally, stick to taking a bath after tanning. During skin pregnancy, be sure to limit exposure to water. The chemicals in the soap can irritate your fragile skin. 

It can break down the oil naturally produced by the body. Once the grease falls off, your skin will become dry and easily irritated. Friction leads to friction, friction leads to wear. Not only that, rubbing the skin with a towel will make the skin lose its natural moisture. So, dry yourself after taking a bath and gently pat your skin. After tanning and bathing, your skin needs to be as moisturized as possible. This is mandatory because it reduces the risk of dry or irritating skin.  Choose a moisturizer containing hyaluronic acid.


The article showed basic information about can you shower after tanning. Answered questions like how long can I take a bath after getting a tan and why wait for shower before tanning. Hope this article will help you a lot.

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