How Much Do Wigs Cost: Is It Worthy

How Much Do Wigs Cost: Is It Worthy

How much do wigs cost? A good basic wig can cost between $30 and $100, lace front wigs can cost between $99 and $399, and human hair wigs can cost up to $2,000, depending on the features. Therefore, is it worth the cost of wigs? Please read on.

Construction Of Wigs

Wig designers frequently create wigs with complete lace or hand-tied caps when working with high-quality human hair. Hand-tying each individual hair to a mesh wig cap is a labor-intensive method that results in the most realistic appearance. One hand-tied human hair wig might take up to three days to make. Not to mention the weeks-long process of sorting, processing, and preparation required for the hair. The price of the wig increases as a result of how long and tedious it takes to make real hair wigs.

Price For A Wig

It varies. A wig from a beauty supply store can cost you anything from $30 to a few hundred dollars, while the pricey wigs worn by your favorite celebrities can cost thousands of dollars. Wigs in the middle range, such as those you might purchase straight from a hair company, frequently start at $200 and increase from there.

Spence advises spending between $400 and $600 on a wig of average quality (consider a lace front or full lace wig).

Are Wigs Worth The Price?

There’s no denying that human hair wigs are the best nice hair portions available. There’s a cause why they come with an excessive rate tag. However, at the top of the day, whether or not or now not human hair wigs are “worth the price” relies upon you and what you choose in a wig. Ask yourself these questions earlier than buying your first human hair wig:

How long do I want to put on a wig?  One big seasoned of human hair wigs is that they boast an appreciably longer lifespan than artificial hair. While artificial wigs will generally solely final somewhere from 4-6 months with day-to-day wear, a human hair wig can maintain its wholesome luster and silky experience for a yr or greater with the perfect care (maybe even longer if you do not put on it every day). If you want a wig as a long-term hair loss solution, then the large upfront value of a human hair wig may make an experience for you.

Is this my first wig? If it is your first wig, we propose buying an artificial wig, to begin with. Many girls who journey hair loss discover that they do not even like sporting wigs and change to headwear and “hats with hair” hairpieces instead. Wait to make the funding till you be aware of you favor to put on a wig.

Do I choose to fashion my hair?  The potential to warmly style human hair wigs is a plus for many. You can straighten your hair, work in a few curls, or certainly strive for something new. However, like your herbal hair, human hair wigs do now not keep their fashion lengthy and want to be restyled regularly.

Will I be in a position to keep my wig?  Human hair wigs do require barely greater renovation than artificial hair wigs. Keeping up with the perfect care of your wig can make sure your locks remain glossy and picture-perfect. You will want to practice hair oils and remedies to the human hair to maintain it moisturized.

Will a human hair wig make me experience like my first-class self?  Hair loss can be a demoralizing experience. A human hair wig is the closest replication to your herbal hair. What’s more, many ladies sense comforted being aware of that their wig is made of actual human hair. For some women, an actual hair wig makes them experience like themselves once more after hair loss. This on my own may make the charge of a human hair wig really worth it to you.

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Difference Between A Cheap Wig And A Pricy One

The wig hair at the beauty supply business is “either a synthetic mixture, animal fiber, or a human hair mix,” said Spence. This hair doesn’t last very long, tangles easily, and won’t necessarily give you the most natural finish. Cheap hair typically has a shiny appearance and lacks the natural appearance and feel of real hair, which is typically what you get with a more expensive wig. This can be done to look more natural if you only need it for a single day.

How About Getting A Wig Professionally Installed?

Without appropriate installation, a wig is useless, but you don’t need to be a pro to accomplish it; you simply need to be knowledgeable. It’s essential for any wig to appear perfect, according to Spence. “I’ve had to make a 100 percent synthetic wig appear as natural as I could under certain circumstances. Allow YouTube to serve as your guide if you’re not a licensed stylist. There are countless tutorials online showing you how to style an inexpensive wig beautifully. On his Instagram feed, Spence has posted some of his own tutorials.

Quality Of Human Hair

Unlike artificial hair, human hair can’t be fabricated on demand. It is a herbal cloth that takes time to grow, so it is in a great deal decrease grant than popular artificial hair. Additionally, it takes 2-3 heads of hair to create a single human hair wig. This, of course, makes human hair greater expensive.

How Much Do Wigs Cost: Is It Worthy
How Much Do Wigs Cost: Is It Worthy

Additionally, the human hair used to make wigs is additionally reachable in more than a few qualities.

Standard Human Hair, which is an extemely excessive nice material, however does go thru sizable processing earlier than being made into a wig.

Remy Human Hair, which is the gold fashionable of human hair. When the hair used to be collected, it used to be gathered with the hair cuticles in the equal direction. This skill the hair cuticle is left intact, giving the most herbal seem and experience imaginable. This is the most highly-priced human hair option.

Human Hair/Synthetic Blends: This is a wig that is made from a mixture of human hair and artificial hair. They are much less high priced than full human hair wigs, however you may not get the identical exceptional that you would from a human hair wig. This kind of wig offers its very own professionals and cons that you can examine about here.

Budget Human Hair, which is a low satisfactory human hair that is used to create trend wigs. While these wigs are reachable at a a whole lot decrease price than standard human hair wigs, they do now not boast the equal benefits. If the charge appears too excellent to be true, it in all likelihood is. These wigs are especially processed and regularly do not sense like “real hair.” In most cases, we advocate shopping for a excessive first-class artificial wig over a low nice human hair wigs.


Even though human hair wigs are more expensive than wigs made of synthetic fibers, the value of the hairpiece justifies the higher price. Consider what’s important to you in a wig and assess your selections, is our advice. Owned a human hair wig before? If so, please share your story in the comments section.

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