How To Remove Eyelash Glue Safely In The Best Ways

When it comes to highlighting the beauty of our eyes, fake eyelashes are the ideal way to give us the long, luminous look we all desire to have. However, if you try to make use of them recklessly, the advantages could rapidly backfire. You might damage your natural lashes, and we all know how much time it takes for them to heal and regrow.

I’ll go over the seven best ways to remove eyelash glue off artificial lashes in this article because I realize how difficult it may be. End the practice of losing eyelashes while removing eyelash glue!

Is Eyelash Glue Safe?

Adhesives, solvents, and chemicals are among the constituents of eyeglass glue. These are what temporarily hold false lashes in place. Eyelash glue may often be applied to the skin without harm, however, avoid getting glue in your eyes.

If that occurs, flush your eyes with warm water for 5 to 10 minutes. Call your local poison control center or go to the hospital if you unintentionally glue your eyes together. Do not attempt to open them yourself.

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Eyelash Glue Side Effects

The components in eyelash glue can cause allergic reactions in certain people. These substances include formaldehyde, parabens, cyanoacrylates, latex, and others.

To know what you’re using, always read the ingredients on the back of cosmetic goods. Avoid using eyelash glues that include substances to which you are allergic. Burning, stinging, and swelling in and around the eyes are examples of allergic reactions.

Apply a small bit of glue to the back of your hand and watch to see whether your skin responds if you’re unclear whether you have an allergy.

The good news is that eyelash glues from well-known brands like Ardell, Eylure, and DUO Brush-On Lash Adhesive, to mention a few, are widely available at drugstores and online merchants like Amazon. So that you may choose the best choice for you, several brands also specify whether or not their products are latex-free or cruelty-free.

How To Apply Eyelash Glue Safely

A fine line must be drawn in order to safely install lash extensions. In order to avoid getting adhesive in your eyes, you must position your eyelashes as close to your lash line as you can.

Make sure to put eyelash glue on the lash band rather than your eyelid when doing so. The strip is then placed as near as feasible to your natural lashes in the following phase. Put the artificial lashes on your eyelid carefully using an applicator or a pair of tweezers. One strategy that can help with the application is to approach it from above.

Eyeliner can be used to fill in any spaces between your natural lashes and the synthetic ones after your lashes are firmly in place.

How To Remove Eyelash Glue From Natural Lashes And Eyelids

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how to remove eyelash glue

Warning! You must be extremely careful when removing the eyelash glue to avoid hurting the eyelid or infecting your eyes. Before we begin, please explore and be aware that if you have any acute irritability, you should immediately wipe your eyes with lots of water. To be on the safe side, use a cotton swab (or cotton pad) with extreme caution and avoid making eye contact with any product. Examine these techniques for removing eyelash glue to see which one is best for you.

Take A Hot Bath

Eyelash extensions can easily be loosened with a hot shower. Avoid pulling, plucking, or rubbing your eyelash extensions while you’re in the shower. Even if you feel them loosening, it can be tempting to try to do so, but I assure you that you will regret it. Avoid harming your natural lashes and eyes by resisting the urge.

If you have ever used eyelash extensions, you are aware of the advice given by lash technicians to avoid getting your eyelashes wet with hot water or in the presence of steam in order to prolong the life of the lashes. Hot water is your greatest option because we want to stop the cycle, not lengthen it. You could use tweezers to remove the eyelash after you take a shower.

Steam Your Face

This is the abbreviated version of the hot shower technique. You must first take off all of your makeup, including eye makeup, but you must avoid touching the eyelashes. You next pour hot water into a sizable bowl and tilt your head toward it so that steam escapes and reaches your eyes.

By doing this, you soften the eyelash glue and get rid of any lingering dirt or bacteria that your makeup removal method didn’t manage to remove. Be careful not to open your eyes while doing this. Keep your eyes closed for 5–10 minutes just to be safe.

Use An Adhesive Dissolver

Nowadays, there is a product for everything, which explains the existence of lash glue removers. You should purchase a glue or eyelash extension remover if you lack the patience to loosen the lashes and wait for the glue to disintegrate from the heat of a shower.

This product’s manufacturing process takes into account both the sensitivity of eyelashes and the fragility of the eyes. As a result, you can be sure that you won’t harm your natural eyelashes. Apply the glue dissolver to the lashes by soaking a cotton pad in it, being careful not to get it too close to your eyes.

Use A Cleaner With An Oil Base

It is a basic guideline that you should never use any oil-based cleaners when wearing eyelash extensions. They have a reputation for reducing the lifespan of the extensions and making them fall out earlier than usual due to adhesive failure.

Oil cleansers will be a pleasant addition to your makeup collection because that failure is exactly what you’re searching for! It’s a win-win situation since you can use it to cleanse your skin while also dissolving the glue on your eyelashes by moving it in circular patterns.

If you intend to reuse the eyelashes, be sure to remove any remaining adhesive, which can be found close to the base of the eyelashes. Then, thoroughly wipe the eyelashes themselves because any remaining oil will prevent the glue from adhering to the lashes the next time.

Develop Your Own Cleaning Agent

Making your own eyelash cleaning solution is simple if you’re a girl who enjoys doing things on the cheap. It’s actually rather easy; all you have to do is put some soap in a small basin of boiling or tepid water. You might also use a mild eye makeup remover or liquid makeup remover if you’d like.

After that, you can remove your eyelashes by applying the solution with a cotton pad to your eyelashes in order to dissolve the adhesive. Alternately, if you’ve previously removed your false eyelashes but still want to remove the glue, immerse the false eyelashes in the solution and gently rub them off to remove the glue and any lingering makeup.

Apply Oil

You could just use oil if oil-based cleansers aren’t your thing. Generally speaking, this is a more practical choice because you can use almost any oil you have on hand.

Apply two or three drops to a cotton ball, then use the cotton to gently rub your eyelids. Once it stops leaking, press the cotton on your eyelids in a downward motion, paying particular attention to the base of your eyelashes, to make sure the entire region where the glue was applied is covered.

You’ll be astonished at how quickly they remove the eyelashes and glue from your skin without leaving any visible residue. You won’t have to dread leaving for home since it hurts to pull out your eyelashes anymore!

Put Eye Cream On

If you have an eye cream with argan, jojoba, sunflower, or other oils, they’ll do the job and more! Moisturizers with oils can also help break down eyelash glue. Since you’re utilizing an eye-targeted product, the results will even be more focused. Additionally, you’ll gain from proper eye care!

Final Advice & Summary

It is imperative that you know how to remove eyelash glue whether you are a regular user of eyelash extensions or a beginner. Removing eyelashes by force is not only painful, but it can also damage your natural lashes and result in bald places that you may not even be aware of.

Therefore, using the 7 best techniques to remove eyelash glue I’ve listed should make it a lot easier for you and prevent you from being tempted to pick at the extensions. Also, keep in mind that the difficulty of removing the eyelashes depends on the type of eyelash glue you use. Make sure to select a premium pick if you want to enjoy wearing fakes!

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