Should You Wash Your Hair Before A Haircut? Answered!

Should You Wash Your Hair Before A Haircut? Answered!

The night before your haircut, your hair is on the second day; it’s not filthy, but it’s also not perfectly clean. Do you really need to wash your hair before the appointment?

After all, at your appointment, your stylist might already be washing and styling your hair. But is entering with unkempt hair rude or disgusting? Asking stylists if they preferred that clients arrive with clean or dirty hair helped us learn more. Their responses might surprise you.

Should You Wash Your Hair before a Haircut

It is advised, but not required, to wash your hair before getting a haircut. Hair styling is typically done in addition to getting a haircut. We advise against getting your hair cut and styled while it is still dirty because you will eventually need to wash it which could potentially ruin the new style (and second-day hair).

There are, however, some extra factors to take into account. Many hair salons include washing your hair as part of the styling appointment. If so, you can always consent to have your hair washed by your hairstylist before getting a haircut.

Some barbers may choose to wash their own hair instead of wetting yours before cutting it. In this way, they are essentially working with a blank canvas because they know there are no remaining oils or hair products in your hair.

The state of your hair won’t also have an impact on styling (almost always, with the exception of a dry haircut, which we cover below).

So, if you’re unsure, ask your hairstylist if washing your hair is required prior to your hairstyling appointment or if it is an included service. Finally, ask your stylist whether your chosen style requires a “dry cut” or “wet hair cut” (i.e., cutting the hair wet).

The experience of getting a haircut professionally is one of its main advantages. It’s supposed to be a chance for you to take a seat back, unwind, and let someone else take care of you. A part of that experience is the wash!

Your hair and scalp will be cleaned by experts using advanced methods. Your hair feels amazing after they wash and condition it because they properly apply the products with a gentle massage. So go ahead and relish it!

Should You Wash Your Hair before You Color It?

Unless your hair colorist specifically advises washing your hair prior to the coloring appointment, you shouldn’t wash your hair before coloring it.

In order to reduce stress on your hair strands, we advise washing your hair 48 hours before going to the hair salon.

This is due to the fact that hair coloring procedures can be very damaging to your hair, so you should avoid using products (like clarifying shampoo) before a hair dyeing session that will strip your hair of its natural oils and moisture. This is unless you’re also going to use a deep conditioning treatment to maintain the right balance of moisture and protein.

Ask your stylist for advice if all of this seems like too much work or if you aren’t sure where to start.

Doing so yourself beforehand is typically a waste of time because the colorist will need to wash your hair to wash out the dyes. Since moisture affects the procedure, it would be beneficial if you also showed up to the salon with completely dry hair.

In addition, if you’ve scheduled a trip to the salon for hair stylings, such as before a major event like a wedding or prom, you need to hit a semi-clean “sweet spot.”

You shouldn’t wash your hair too recently because the natural oils in your hair can make styling simpler and help keep the style in place throughout a long night of dancing and celebrating.

But you don’t want it to be overly filthy either. Washing about 48 hours before styling is ideal for the majority of people, experts agree. However, you might have to wait longer if you typically wash your hair less frequently.

Should You Wash Your Hair Before A Haircut? Answered!

When You Should Wash Your Hair before a Cut

If You’re Getting a Dry Cut

Which is more common for you—dry or wet haircutting? If you wash your hair before getting a haircut, that decision may depend on your preferences (or those of your stylist).

Generally, hair that has recently been washed and is product-free performs best with dry cuts. That includes dry shampoo, which leaves a light buildup on the scalp and hair.

The weight of buildup on the hair may cause it to lay differently than when it is clean and fresh. Since most stylists prefer to cut hair wet rather than dry, many will decide to wash their hair before cutting it.

Make sure to wash your hair no later than 48 hours prior to your scheduled haircut if you prefer dry cuts or if that’s what your stylist usually does. By doing so, you can be certain that your hair will be nicely groomed and provide your stylist with the best possible blank canvas.

You don’t have to shampoo your hair the day of the appointment if you typically get a wet cut (done with wet hair). Your stylist will take care of the rest; just make sure it’s comparatively clean!

Should You Wash Your Hair Before A Haircut? Answered!

If You Have a Lot of Product Buildup

The majority of us regularly use hair products like dry shampoo, mousse, hairspray, serum, leave-ins, gel, and wax to keep our hair looking its best. Your hair will look clean but feel dirty because of all the product on it if you wash it the night before your haircut but use a lot of product in the morning.

Layers and the length of your hair after the cut can be affected by product buildup, which weighs down your hair. So, after washing your hair the day before your appointment, try to avoid using any heavy or sticky hair products when you have a haircut scheduled. With the cleanest possible starting point, your stylist can create.

Use your regular blow-drying supplies without issue, but avoid using excessive amounts of hairspray.

If Your Hair Gets Oily Fast

The same is true of oiliness. If you are aware that your hair tends to become oily quickly, you may want to shampoo a little bit earlier to avoid having greasy hair when you arrive for your appointment.

Even a few hours after washing oily hair, it can already start to become limp and weighed down with grease at the roots. If you struggle with oily hair, you are aware of how greasy hair hangs and lays differently.

Although the oil doesn’t prevent you from cutting your hair, it can alter the way it looks. Arriving with oily hair will have an impact on your pre-cut consultation and how your haircut turns out if this is your first time seeing this particular stylist. If you have greasy hair when you arrive, your stylist might mistakenly identify the texture and type of your hair.

Additionally, if your stylist typically performs wet cuts, excessively greasy hair can literally repel water, making it more difficult to thoroughly wet with a spray bottle. As a result, you might be taken back to the shampoo bowl before the cut.

If You’re Donating Your Hair

Many women don’t think about this in advance, but if you’re going to donate your hair, you need to make sure it’s extra clean and free of product residue before getting your haircut. Before being cut off and packaged for donation, the hair must be clean and dry.

Hair must be tidy and completely dry when it is packaged or stored. Wet hair will mold while being shipped and will be discarded.” Wig and headwear company Headcovers echoes the same sentiment, saying “Hair should be recently washed, in its natural state, and free of styling agents prior to donation.

How to Prepare Your Hair for a Cut

Maintain your usual washing and hair care routine for the week or two prior to getting your hair cut. As a result, when the time comes for your hair to be cut, it will look the most like it normally would. This is the most effective way to receive insightful feedback during your haircut appointment.

Washing your hair 24 to 48 hours before getting a haircut is a good general rule for most people. Your stylist won’t feel uncomfortable working on your hair if it’s not too dirty.

You haven’t entirely eliminated the oils intended to lessen hair damage if you decide to color your hair as well (e.g., split-ends).

Additionally, make sure your hair is dry and undone when you show up for your appointment. If your hair is tangled up, it will take your stylist longer to untangle it, which could hurt.

Come to the salon with your hair down if you want to discuss a style or problems you’re having with it. It will be much simpler for your stylist to actually see what you’re describing than to imagine it if they don’t know you very well.

A qualified stylist ought to have sufficient knowledge to respond to a wide range of frequent queries and provide advice based on factors like face shape, skin tone, hair type, scalp condition, and type of haircut.

The Final Word: It Depends

To ensure that your hair is sufficiently clean for your stylist to be able to see the natural texture and shape of your hair, try to shampoo within 48 hours of your haircut appointment.

If shampoo isn’t provided with your haircut service, be sure to wash your hair 24 to 48 hours beforehand. Don’t worry about washing first if the shampoo is included with your haircut (you can confirm this by asking your stylist when you make your appointment).

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