Is Garnier Whole Blends Good For Your Hair Experts Say

Are Garnier Whole Blends Good For Your Hair? Experts Say

You frequently notice Garnier products in the beauty aisles. They may be better known for their skincare offerings, but their hair care may be just as effective. You are probably here because you want to find out if the company lives up to its reputation.

Does Garnier work well on hair? Are Garnier Whole Blends good for your hair particularly? Find out by reading on!

Ingredients In Garnier Whole Blends

With components like argan oil, cocoa butter, and coconut oil that were ethically and sustainably sourced, the entire collection is paraben-free and designed to gently nourish hair.

The container aesthetics also reflect this eco-conscious mentality; each bottle’s simple shape and retro lettering evoke the goodness of health food stores from the 1970s.

Pros Of Garnier Whole Blends

Professional Salon Formulations Of Garnier Whole Blends

Most humans do not recognize that Garnier is the 2nd greatest company owned by using L’Oréal.  L’Oréal is famed for salon hair care and treatments, main the enterprise with innovation and technology.  With that pedigree, Garnier has gotten admission to some of the nice formulators working in the industry.  A speedy comparison, of the ingredients, suggests the formulation is as nicely made as expensive salon products.

Paraben Free Of Garnier Whole Blends

This is a direct response to patron demand and, it is no longer at all the norm for mass market shampoos and conditioners to be paraben-free – generally, these sorts of formulations are extra high-priced and tougher to find.   

Cons Of Garnier Whole Blends

Fragrance Of Garnier Whole Blends

I am no longer a fan of heady scents in cosmetics – scent by no means will increase the overall performance of a product it is protected solely to make a product odor pretty.  Fragrances are additionally the range one sensitizing agent in cosmetics.  Garnier is a French employer and fragrances in cosmetics are very famous in France.  As a reworked, North American model of a famous French product, the elimination of fragrances would have made extra sense.  With so many work and public areas now being scent-free cosmetics agencies want to begin making greater scent-free options.

Packaging Of Garnier Whole Blends

While this may also now not be a trouble for everybody it was once for me – the packaging is a little cumbersome to use and takes up a lot of space.  Tubes would have been a higher desire and are simply less difficult to use in the shower.  I have large arms and even I dropped the outsized bottle in the shower.  

Is Garnier Whole Blends Good For Your Hair Experts Say
Is Garnier Whole Blends Good For Your Hair Experts Say

Garnier Whole Blends Products Reviewed

Smoothing Leave-In Conditioner With Coconut Oil And Cocoa Butter Extracts

With any leave-in conditioner, you’re searching to get frizz control. The trouble is you normally get a lot of buildups when it comes to these heavy leave-ins. Not with Whole Blends’ leave-in! Coconut oil has an excessive moisture-holding potential that capability it’s absorbed into the hair and doesn’t let moisture escape.

It does build up over time, however, it comes out effortlessly in your subsequent wash and your hair doesn’t sense coated. The Cocoa Butter is additionally used to seal in any moisture. Better but it truly penetrates the hair cuticle and strengthens it from the inside. That’s due to its excessive saturated fats content.

Whenever you fashion your hair it wishes to be wet. After my shower, I use a detangler to simply gently work thru my strands and then I run the product thru my hair. I use it a lot, however, it without a doubt relies upon your hair length. It must coat your hair and be utilized simply like a normal conditioner. Work it into the ends and then whatever is leftover, run thru the scalp. My curls appear extra defined and scent gently like coconuts. Yum.

Repairing Shampoo Honey Treasures

This shampoo and the Honey Treasures set in typical is likely the go-to series in the Whole Blends range. It’s often aimed at treating broken hair due to the fact of advantages of honey, however, if your hair wishes some loving care you’ve come to the proper place. Honey is a humectant that attracts and retains moisture. It nourishes your hair and your strands sense softer from the first wash.

Royal jelly (a sibling of honey) is additionally used in this shampoo and consists of restoration residences to restore your hair simply like Garnier promises. The system itself is enormously skinny and runny however you sincerely don’t want a good deal to work up a lather. My hair felt cleaner and no longer oiled-up as you get from some overly moisturizing ‘repairing’ shampoos.

Illuminating Oil Moroccan Argan And Camellia Oils Extracts

This product is one of my favorites from the Whole Blends range. It’s awesome for when my hair is searching a little stupid and wants that greater shine. Formulated particularly for stupid locks this illuminating oil consists of Argan and Camellia oils aimed to add shine to your locks.

Argan oil is packed with Omega fatty acids to tame frizzy hair. It additionally incorporates antioxidants which capacity it has the capability to fortify hair, including herbal shine.

Meanwhile, the Camellia oil is infused into the hair shape to refill hydration.  It prevents the loss of nourishing proteins making sure your shine will last. The reality is that it actually works itself into the hair strands’ potential it doesn’t coat your hair with that greasy layer.

I simply took a tiny drop into the palm of my hand – you don’t prefer it a lot due to the fact even though it’s no longer made to grease up your hair, it’s nonetheless oil. You’ve been warned. Our hair produces its personal oils, so you simply favor this to add more shine and no longer change any of your herbal oils. Run it via your hair with your fingertips to manipulate these flyaways giving stupid hair a healthful glow.

Gentle Detangling Hair Milk Oat Delicacy

Who knew that oats have been the secret detangling ingredient? But Garnier is onto something. Oats are mild to the pores and skin and can soak up extra oils except for drying the scalp. They’re additionally wealthy in Vitamin B which will increase blood circulation. This, in turn, strengthens the hair follicles making them inclined to breakage.

That’s why it’s an extraordinary detangling agent – it’s mild sufficient to the hair whilst nevertheless restoring the follicles from their root. It’s best for day-to-day use.

I simply sprayed a little onto my post-wash damp hair and combed a brush thru it. The texture of the spray used to be mild and labored nearly instantly. The quality section is it didn’t go away with a sticky residue like some different detanglers I’ve tried. My hair stayed easy all day – and tangle-free!

Color Care Mask With Argan Oil And Cranberry Extracts

I’m a huge fan of a true hair mask. Especially after coloring my hair, I understand it wishes some more attention. The Argan oil in this Whole Blends Color Care Mask moisturizes color-handled hair. Although I have to admit that it was once the Cranberry extracts that caught my attention.

Vitamin C in cranberry juice is a distinguished nutrient to deal with broken hair. Cranberries additionally include tocopherol which prevents oxidative stress, enhancing hair’s usual health. As if that wasn’t enough, vitamins like zinc and iron in cranberries enhance the universal circumstance of the scalp and hair follicles. 

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Whole Blends Collection by Garnier

After seeing positive results, I intend to explore the rest of the Whole Blends collection’s reasonably priced options, which include:

• Using cocoa butter and coconut oil to smooth (shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner, and smoothing oil)

• Color Care with cranberry extract and argan oil (shampoo, conditioner, and mask)

• Cooling off with green tea and apples (shampoo, conditioner, 2 in 1, and detangling spray)

I’m just relieved that, aside from the repulsive rainfall bit, my wish for shining, smooth hair has been satisfied.


Garnier is the brand for you if you want natural products without having your heart skip a beat at the price. They offer a wide range of soft, fragrant items. You’ve come to the correct place if you’re looking for the nourishing Honey Treasures shampoo or an oaty detangling spray.

I’m even more thrilled that there are no parabens in the entire line. I was persuaded of the significance of avoiding parabens after reading a recent University of California study. The study found that teenagers’ hormone disruption decreased after taking brief pauses from shampoos with toxic components.

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