What To Wear After A Spray Tan In Summer And Winter

It’s common that you want your spray tan session to go well. But what do you wear after a spray tan to protect your beloved bronze? Read on…

What To Wear After A Spray Tan Is Important

Spray tanning is best if you want your skin to glow quickly in the sun without harmful UV rays. But, I bet you want to know what to wear after your spray tan appointment so you can maximize your tan. We share what to do and what to wear after tanning. From the moment you step out of your tan, you can shake your newly tanned skin with confidence.

Essential Things For What To Wear After A Spray Tan

Avoid Light Colors

You can never wear light-colored clothing, in my experience. Your tan will turn grimy and sticky during the coming hours. These colors shouldn’t cling to your clothing, please! Therefore, there is no issue if you are wearing outdated, big, dark T-shirts and trousers. Dark cotton sweatpants and shirts in colors like black, navy, dark gray, and in some cases camel are the best options for optimal comfort.

Choose Loose

  • Avoid covering your face with tight clothing, such as tight slacks or tight tops, since they will contaminate your freshly suntanned skin and your garments.
  • We advise wearing loose house attire for ventilation, such as extra-long dresses or loose jumpsuits, but they must include sleeves so you can cover your freshly bronzed arms. It’s acceptable if your dress or jumpsuit lacks sleeves.
  • Simply change them into long-sleeved sweaters and sweatpants for bedtime.
  • Shorts won’t protect your legs after spray tanning, and they will also leave new tan stains on your car seat. However, you can wear them the following day (or after the first 10 hours, after your first shower).
  • As usual, go with baggy shorts to give your legs greater freedom. You still need to be mindful of where and how you sit beyond the first 10 hours!

Choose Shoes

When getting a spray tan, avoid wearing shoes with narrow toes. The rubbing and pressure on your feet might remove recently applied solutions and leave streaks. Pick loose, open-toed sandals like flip-flops or slip-on without a heel to prevent the smear. Additionally, avoid putting socks or tights on freshly suntanned feet!

No Jewelry

Regardless of how stunning your jewelry may be, you should keep it in a secure location at home when you go to your spray tan session. Make sure to take off any jewelry, including rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, cuffs, and bracelets, that can rub the solution off or produce a line.

Choose Dark Clothes

No matter what you wear, make sure it’s dark, preferably black, for a spray tan session. You shouldn’t wear anything light-colored that could get soiled because the fresh spray tan solution tends to rub off. Choose a thong that is dark in color or that you don’t mind throwing away if it gets ruined if you wear underwear. If you don’t have a spare pair of thongs, some salons might sell disposable ones.

Other Considerations

  • Avoid wearing watches, necklaces, bracelets, or any other body accessories, which may cause wrinkles or dirty your skin.
  • If you need creative clothes or want to buy some new clothes, especially after spray tanning, here are our first choices this season.

Can I Wear Normal Clothes After A Spray Tan?

Depending on how you define “regular clothes” HAHAHA! But in reality, the response is “yes,” just not right away. It seems sensible that the goal of spray tanning is to maintain a tan for as many days or even weeks as feasible. The quick answer is that you should avoid wearing any tight clothing for the whole day after getting a spray tan so that your tan can “set,” as it were. You may still feel a little bit sticky even though you will be dry, but you don’t want your clothing to be too tight so that it steals any color from your tan.

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Can I Wear Socks After A Spray Tan?

I would prefer that you wear flip-flops or loose-fitting slippers when you leave for home.

If it’s cold outside, though, wearing a pair of loose-fitting, soft cotton socks, like the fleecy slouchy socks, is OK after getting a spray tan. 

  • No stiflingly tight socks. They leave a mark on your tan from rubbing on the front of your ankle.
  • No sock underpants. They leave marks around your leg below the knee since they are tight and have a snug band at the top.

Can I Wear Bra After A Spray Tan?

When you wear a bra after getting a spray tan, the elastic may rub against your skin and leave dark patches. Typically, this is visible on the shoulder straps and around your ribs.

It’s not my favorite notion to wear a bra after getting a spray tan, but I do recognize that there are occasions when we aren’t going home right away and need to be a little more covered up.

I can help you carefully hook a bandeau or strapless bra in advance so it won’t rub. Please refrain from sliding your bra over your recent tan by hooking it in the front. This will smudge and unevenly distribute your color. If you must, ask for help putting your bra back on.

Ask for assistance if you absolutely must put your bra back on, and I will hook the back for you.

answers to what to wear after a spray tan
answers to what to wear after a spray tan

What To Wear To Bed After A Spray Tan?

After getting a spray tan, wear jammies and a long-sleeved shirt to bed!

We need to consider what is the finest item to wear to bed after your fresh spray tan because a lot of my clients come in after work or school, which means that night is not that far off in the future.

Make sure you have some comfy long jammies and a long-sleeve cotton tee before jumping into bed.

This prevents the spray tan solution from transferring to the palms of your hands if you lay your hands on your tan while you sleep by keeping your legs and arms covered.

Care Tips After A Spray Tan

Stay Away From The Humidity

Wait at least a few hours for the spray to absorb into your skin, despite any temptation you may feel to take a shower or go for a workout. Avoid activities that produce moisture, such as bathing, swimming, saunas, and sweating.

Prevent Skin Shedding

Wait until you’re prepared for new skin before removing a fresh spray tan. The exfoliation can wait till your next appointment.

Apply A Moisturizer Free Of Oils

Use an oil-free, fragrance-free moisturizer every day after a spray tan has dried.

Avoid Making Skin-to-skin Contact

Try to restrict crossing your legs or arms if you frequently do so to avoid getting a spray tan on your skin.

Don’t Use Harsh Chemicals

Avoid chemicals like chlorine and acids as well as anything meant to exfoliate your skin because these can turn sprays dark.


One aspect of having a gorgeous spray tan experience is knowing what to wear, and Be Bronze is here to assist you. We provide goods (like our spray tanning mousse! ), information, incredible services, and professional advice on all things spray tan whether you are a tanning novice or a seasoned pro. To schedule your next spray tan treatment and discover the Be Bronze difference, get in touch with us today.

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