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What Is Olive Skin: Basic Knowledge & Information

Many people may be confused when first see olive skin. What is olive skin? There are a majority of people whose skin is olive. The article will show basic knowledge and information about what is olive skin.

Why Call Olive Skin?

The word “olive skin” comes from the concept of olive oil. The color of olive oil is quite yellow, rather than the real olive oil itself being green.

Olive skin is a relatively neutral complexion, usually light brown or moderate tan, which is common for people from different backgrounds. It looks good in warm or neutral colors, such as plum, brown, or white. Besides, olive skin rarely burns. It will never peel or turn red even if spend a long time under the sun. And olive skin tends to tan, which means tanned skin darkens faster. What follows is that olive skin is often greasy and prone to pigmentation.

The Fitzpatrick Scale

As a neutral color, the olive will fall in the middle. But olive skin itself has three different hues, belonging to the third category to the fifth category. Olive skin is usually connected with pigmentation in the Fitzpatrick classification type III to IV and V.

The fitzpatrick scale
The fitzpatrick scale

Distribution Area

Olive skin is also known as Mediterranean skin because people from the Mediterranean have olive skin, but olive skin is also a common color among people in Central Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

Olive Skin Advantages

One of the benefits of having an olive complexion is that it is not as sensitive to sunlight as other types of fair skin. The reason is that olive skin contains more melanin, which not only gives it color but also absorbs solar radiation so that the skin is naturally protected from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. In addition, people with olive skin are more likely to tan than people with white skin. Olive skin tends to age slowly, making it look smooth, radiant, and young.

Olive Skin Problems

Olive skin has four kinds of downsides! 

• Easy tanning

• Hyper-pigmentation

• Skin discoloration

• Oily skin

Choose the right foundation.

One of the main characteristics of olive skin is its luster. There is no need to use concealer. Just like using foundation make-up, it can provide a suitable foundation for your makeup. Also look at your skin tone, which is ideal for neutral tones. In addition, you can continue to try light foundation make-up. It can also look great.

Cosmetics For Olive Skin

It is difficult to find cosmetics that suit your skin. For people with olive skin, it is even more difficult. 

Generally speaking, any type of oil-based cosmetics is not suitable for people with olive skin. 

Because the skin has already produced and released a large amount of oil, adding more oil through cosmetics can lead to acne and irritation. Because powder absorbs excess water and reduces gloss, so powder is usually the best choice.

Ethnicities with Olive Skin Tone

1. The Mediterranean

Olive skin is the most common thing in Mediterranean countries, including parts of southern Europe, North Africa, and East Asia.

2. Middle Eastern

As in the Middle Eastern countries along the Mediterranean coast, olive skin is common in Syria, Yemen, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates.

3. Indian

The Indian subcontinent is composed of people from Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal. In addition, Indians and Pakistanis usually have Fitzpatrick class III and IV olive colors, while Bangladesh and Sri Lanka belong to type V.

4. Latin America

You will easily find people with olive skin in Latin America, including Paraguay, Colombia, Argentina, Costa Rica, Honduras, and Mexico.

What Colors Look Good on Olive Skin?

Interestingly, if you agree that olive skin is a background color, you need to look for specific information to determine which color is best for your skin. Background color plays an important role in color contrast or skin supplement. Or, if you believe that, as Fitzpatrick did in the 1970s, olive oil is a skin pigment, then many people think that olive oil is either warm or neutral in classification. When in doubt, make a choice that you feel flattered.

What Hair Color Looks Good on Olive Skin?

Because olive skin swings between warm and neutral tones, the best hair colors are those that can complement and contrast it. 

Naturally, Fitzpatrick believes that people with olive skin have dark brown hair and eyes. However, dark brown hair with an olive background is as beautiful as bright blond hair. Recently, platinum blond hair has become a popular hair color to highlight the olive background.

What Nail Color Looks Good on Olive Skin?

If you want to narrow your choice, olive skin should stick to colors that match the orange color of warm skin, such as warm red, cream pink, and bright turquoise. Dark Burgundy tones, purple, blue, and pink can also be well matched with this skin tone, making nails happy, healthy, and shiny.

Olive Skin Care Tips

Most people think that this kind of skin color can be achieved as long as you bathe in the sun. 

The truth is, getting beautiful gold and copper skin is not the same as having a real olive complexion. 

Here are some care tips about olive skin: 

  • Choose the best skin care products to remove acne and black spots from the skin. Besides, learn about the routine of using these products on the skin. This is essential to ensure that you do not use these skin care products is insufficient or excessive quantities. 
  • Always choose the right foundation and concealer for olive skin. And any mismatch can be harmful to your skin tone. 
  • Use the right eye shadow method that can brighten your eyes to enhance the natural color of your eyes. You can use it in the morning or in the evening. 
  • Study the best lip color, perfect match with an olive complexion. In addition, know how to use them correctly so that they don’t work against you. 
  • Match your personal style with sexy nail art design. Choose what you can do at home so that you can change the design according to the situation at any time. 

Something olive skin is not supposed to do:

  • Do not use the irritating scrub made of nut shells or nuts to avoid scratching and irritating the skin.
  • Chemicals such as glycolic acid and SLS are your biggest enemies. They will burn your skin and make it more sensitive. You can consider choosing a more natural alternative in your daily skin care.

Whether it’s short or long nails, any design can match this complexion well. Make sure you do the right thing. We hope you now have a better grasp of the olive skin color.


Olive skin refers to medium or light brown or tan skin. Olive skin can also be yellow, green, or gold. It is usually connected with pigmentation in the Fitzpatrick classification type III to IV and V. This is a common skin color for people from the Mediterranean, Latin America, and parts of Asia. 

Olive Skin has some advantages and problems. People are supposed to choose the right cosmetics. The article talked about colors, hair color, and nail color for olive skin. Last, some olive skin tips are given.

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