What Is A Money Piece Hair An Ultimate Guide

What Is A Money Piece Hair? An Ultimate Guide

The name “money piece”  refers to the posh appearance this technique gives you. It is accomplished by balayaging your hair, which involves dying the front strands a lighter color. A face-framing appearance is created as a result, giving your complexion a boost and adding dimension, brightness, and dimension.

The versatility of the money piece means that it looks good on anyone, regardless of skin tone or clothing style. It can be altered to fit your face shape, hairstyle, and color preferences, including bold and vibrant hues. BIG BONUS: It requires little maintenance, like all balayage techniques, so you can either keep boosting the money piece or let it gradually take on your color.

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What Is A Money Piece Hair?

After foiling or lightening, a bright frame with a customized border is added to the front hairline.

This procedure brightens your skin and produces very soft hair that requires little maintenance. The money piece at the front of the hair, with hair strands going straight into the root area around the hairline, is still a popular style because of its straightforward yet eye-catching finish. Of course, Beyoncé, who debuted a lighter appearance in June 2019, was the one who officially started the trend.

Since then, the fashion has become more well-known and has significantly returned thanks to TikTok. It only makes sense that the style would be updated in the present day, this time refined and softened to suit the 2021 market, given that Gen Z is fascinated with the ’90s-era It-girls who first sported the look.

Advantages Of

The money piece not only makes the face look more youthful, but it also brings out the color of your natural hair. The trend looks great on all hair colors, from cool brunettes to warm blondes, which is the best part. Additionally, if you have dark hair, it’s a great way to add some lighter color without compromising the health of your locks.

Why Is It Called Money Piece Hair?

Others claim that when done correctly, the hairstyle gives your mane a naturally expensive-looking finish, hence the name. Some claim that the hairstyle is a show-off technique primarily used by celebrities. I’m not sure which of these theories is correct, but regardless, the name persisted and was eventually used by stylists and magazines to describe this stunning hairstyle! See more about What Is A Hair Shirt?

Money Piece Hair: Facial Features

This hairstyle works well with nearly any type of haircut, making it a versatile option that can adapt to any face shape, side part or bangs. If you’re concerned that lighter streaks around your facial features might change the shape of your face, don’t be: a light shade in your face-framing pieces will enhance your cheekbones and draw attention to your eyes regardless of your face shape, eye color, or skin tone.

What Is A Money Piece Hair An Ultimate Guide
What Is A Money Piece Hair? An Ultimate Guide

Can Brown Hair Be Purchased As Money Piece Hair?

Without a doubt, you can. First of all, as long as you like the hairstyle/color and like yourself with it, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try it regardless. But more generally speaking, does the money piece hair trend suit brunettes? Yes. From caramel to honey shades, the color trend involves blonde highlights that work tremendously well on dark hair. Imagine balayage meets Rogue from the X-Men, and there you have it! The look becomes edgier the higher the contrast!

Can Hair Extensions Get Money Piece Highlights?

Once again, of course, you can! In this case, the best option would be getting your natural hair done, and then match your hair extensions to your new tresses. Money piece hair can work well with shades such as mixed shades and balayage shades.

Does Money Piece Come With Bangs?

A hairdresser should be consulted first, though. Depending on how thick your bangs are and the style you wear them in, bleaching your bangs completely might not be what you’re looking for.

Take a look at Debby Ryan: her face-framing highlight placement strategically blends in with her soft bangs.

Do You Want A Blonde Money Piece?

Money piece hair does wonders on lighter strands, giving you the ideal sun-kissed hair effect. This shade will make the best choice for summer 2022 when paired with beach waves. If you’re already blonde – natural or not, doesn’t matter – you could easily opt for an icy shade to frame your features. If you want to keep it understated, honey blonde front hair looks great with, say, caramel blonde on the rest of your head.

My Hair Is Curly; Can I Still Get A Money Piece?

Curls and hair with texture can also rock this hair color trend, but in a different way. Based on your current haircut and how you usually wear your hair, the placement will need to be strategic. Generally speaking, money piece hair develops softly, naturally fading not too far from your natural roots. If you have curly hair and would like to get money piece hair, avoid getting two bluntly bleached strands at the front of your hair: speak to your hairdresser on how to implement this color style in your day to day hair routine.

Are All Money Pieces Blonde Hair?

Simply put, the traditional money piece hair is typically a shade of blonde or very light brown. However, this does not mean that you must stick to these colors exclusively. In fact, a lot of people, celebrities included, have paired the look with bold and funky colors to match their style; you could try it in baby pink, like Debby Ryan could go for a whimsical appearance or something more daring, vivid, and red like Bella Hadid. The choice is yours!


Go to your stylist for a gloss treatment eight to ten weeks after your initial appointment if you want to keep it up. If you want to show off the lustre and luxurious finish, a gloss can be quickly refreshed since it only takes 20 to 30 minutes in the salon.

For the best “money piece” inspiration pictures to show your hairdresser, scroll down.

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