Is Sweat Good For Your Hair? How To Care The Hair?

Is Sweat Good For Your Hair? How To Care The Hair?

We all enjoy working out hard and potentially making progress, so we love a good sweat session in the gym. After working out, it can be simple and alluring to simply spritz your hair with dry shampoo or style it into a bun and let it air dry. What are the effects of sweat on your hair? You might be trying to avoid washing your hair to keep it healthy. Does sweat benefit hair?

Is Sweat Good for Your Hair

When you work out, you’re inevitably going to get a build-up of sweat on your scalp (and the rest of your body). Fortunately, sweating itself does not harm your hair naturally; rather, how you treat your hair before, during, and after your workout affects the health of your hair.

After working out, if you allow the sweat in your hair to dry, damage may result. Sweat can irritate or damage your scalp, dry out on your scalp, and possibly clog your hair follicles because it can combine with bacteria.

If you’ve dyed your hair, the high salt content may affect the color. Because wet hair is more likely to break, how you style it while working out can have an effect on its health.

The good news is that you can keep your hair healthy while exercising frequently thanks to a number of strategies.

When Sweaty Hair Becomes a Barrier to Exercise

Damage to Your Hairstyle

Sweat may discourage you from working out if you frequently straighten your hair or use chemical straightening products. Working out can feel like a chore if you get your hair wet, whether from sweating or other sources.

In addition, sweat can have a variety of effects on women with various hair types. A quick wash-and-go simply isn’t an option for many Black women. Black hairstyles can be time-consuming and costly to maintain and certain styles such as complex braids and extensions can also add extra weight to your scalp.

It is not surprising that many Black women struggle with the decision of forgoing a workout in favor of having a good hair day. In fact, a 2019 qualitative study found that Black women’s worries about hair maintenance and care can be a significant barrier to regular exercise.

Not Having Time to Style Your Hair

Not having enough time to style your hair can frequently be a major deterrent to exercising, especially if sweat causes havoc on your hair and makes it frizzy or ruins a style you need to wear to work.

Your considerations for haircare and exercise may be more complicated if you have textured or curly hair. 40% of Black women in the US avoid exercise due to hair-related problems, according to a 2013 Wake Forest University School of Medicine survey.

Black women further experience “hair bias” — whereby one in five According to a 2016 study by the US-based Perception Institute, black women experience pressure to maintain straight hair for work. These elements may mean skipping a workout in order to save money and time on maintaining straight hairstyles that are affected by sweat.

Washing Your Hair More Often

Washing your hair often can be an inconvenience, but frequent hair washing can also contribute to dryness.

You might be tempted to wash your hair every day if you exercise every day. However, excessive washing can result in damage, a negative side effect of frequent, otherwise healthy workouts.

Is Sweat Good For Your Hair? How To Care The Hair?

How to Care for Sweaty Hair?

Use Dry Shampoo — But Always before Your Workout

After exercise, many women use dry shampoo to reduce greasiness and sweat. Dry shampoo can actually make things worse if your workout was particularly sweaty because it sticks to the damp hair and makes it cakey.

Because of this, it’s best to apply dry shampoo to your roots when it’s dry before working out. This is a preventative measure that can help reduce the amount of sweat while also preventing your hair from looking greasy after working out.

Spray It With Treatment

For women with curly or textured hair, spraying your hair and scalp before your workout with hair oils such as argan oil can help reduce post-workout frizz and reduce dryness.

Many Black women enjoy using products to hydrate their hair and stop sweat’s salt content from drying it out. In order to replenish moisture and assist in setting your curls, you can also use a leave-in conditioning treatment or gel after your workout.

Use a Towel, Hair Wrap, Or Silk Head Scarf While Working Out

A hair wrap or workout headband can help minimize sweat build-up on your scalp and absorb sweat as you exercise. Furthermore, they keep your hair out of your face while you exercise, which is an added bonus. If not, keep a sweat towel nearby to dry your face and hair.

Hair wraps are especially useful for curly or textured hair because they keep your style in place and lessen frizz. Just be sure not to wrap or tie it too tightly on your head.

Wear Your Hair in Different Ways

Changing up your hairdo each time you work out is another way to protect your hair. Try styling your hair with plaits or braids, a high or low pony, or using a headband, hair wrap, or cap to keep hair out of your face. This can help shield your hair from harm caused by being worn in the same place every day and getting wet, and styles like braids can increase the amount of oxygen that gets to your scalp. Experiment and find what works best for you!

Wearing a protective hairstyle like box braids or cornrows can help protect your hair if you have textured or curly hair, and even a strenuous workout won’t harm your hairstyle. You can also try a pineapple ponytail, which will keep your hair out of your face and preserve the pattern of your curls.

Use the Right Hair Ties

When it comes to hair damage, sweat may not always be the culprit. Use a hair tie without a metal fastening if you want to pull your hair back while exercising; these can catch on things and break your hair.

Choose a hair tie without metal, a spiral hair coil, or a snag-free elastic like a scrunchie.

Is Sweat Good For Your Hair? How To Care The Hair?

Schedule Your Workout Around Your Hair

Scheduling your workouts around your hair is another efficient (though occasionally a little tricky) way to protect your hair if you value taking the time to style it.

This could entail scheduling your workouts for the evening (as opposed to the morning before work) or allowing plenty of time for your workout to be followed by hair styling before your day officially starts.

Use a UVA/UVB Protecting Treatment If Exercising Outside

Did you know the sun can affect the health of your hair as well? Although the skin is frequently the focus of sun protection, it’s important to remember that your hair also needs protection.

Apply sunscreen before beginning any outdoor exercise, and consider wearing a cap to further protect your skin.

Do Brush Your Hair After a Workout

Brushing your hair after working out (while it’s still sweaty) can help to prevent the sweat from remaining clogged at your roots and scalp. This can distribute the oils more evenly from roots to ends and allow your scalp to breathe.

Don’t Wash Your Hair Every Time

While washing your hair to remove sweat is not a bad idea if you work out every day, it is best to avoid doing so if you do. To get the most out of your workout, try brushing your hair after and using dry shampoo. You might want to try giving your roots a quick rinse if your scalp is extremely perspiration-prone.

If you do wash your hair after a workout, make sure to dry it completely before tying it up — tying up wet hair can also cause breakages.

Don’t Use the Gym Shampoo

After working out, wash your hair with a high-quality shampoo rather than the one your gym provides.

Your hair’s health is impacted by the quality of the shampoo and conditioner you use, so make an effort to use the same product every time.


We may all aspire to have flawless, sweat-free strands wherever we go, but in the end, you shouldn’t avoid physical activity or other enjoyable sweaty activities because of the potential sweat damage they may cause.

Don’t be afraid to hit the dance floor, run that mile, or attend that hot yoga class because sweat is a natural process that your body uses to keep your hair healthy and your follicles clear. Just remember to wash your hands after the fun is over.

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