How Long Do Box Braids Last? What Factors Impact Braids' Longevity?

How Long Do Box Braids Last? What Factors Impact Braids’ Longevity?

Generally speaking, when you get box braids, your hairstylist might tell you that the style will typically last around six weeks, and while that’s true in terms of most styles, how long your braids last often depends on how large they are.

Box braids, as we like to believe, bring out the goddess in all of us. In order to maintain the health of your braids and prepare for your day at the salon, sit down and read the following.

What Are Box Braids?

The most widely used protective styles are box braids.

Individual plaits or braids called “box braids” are made from small hair sections that are typically divided into squares that are boxed off. They can be any thickness or length, but many women use synthetic hair to lengthen and add fullness. When women want to give their natural hair a break, box braids act as a protective style.

How Long Do Box Braids Last?

Do you want to know how long box braids last? You are solely responsible for deciding how long to wear your braids in. Nevertheless, it does require both skill and patience to achieve this look, so it’s crucial to maintain the style once you’ve got your braids looking flawless.

These braids don’t need to be washed or brushed every day because they are a relatively simple style to maintain. But if you want to strengthen their persistence, there are unquestionably some actions you should think about.

Box braids can last from 4 to 6 weeks. 6 weeks is the most time They should stay in your hair. We recommend keeping your box braids in for no longer than two months.

Different Factors That Impact Braids’ Longevity

Personal Hair Growth Rate

The hair growth rate is a major factor in why some people’s braids last longer than others. Your braids will fall out more quickly if your hair grows out more quickly, necessitating more frequent redoing. On the other hand, if your hair grows more slowly, you won’t need to get your braids redone as often.

Remember that even if your hair grows more slowly than average, you shouldn’t overdo it and go past the two-month mark. Also, keep in mind to give your braids time to rest in between sets. A good general guideline is to give your scalp and hair one month to recover.

Tight Vs. Loose

The question, “how long can you keep box braids in?” has a lot to do with your hair type and your scalp. Generally speaking, achieving the ideal balance between braids that are neither too tight nor too loose is ideal. Braids that are too tight or too loose could undo themselves or pull on the hairline. Finding that balance when braiding hair will therefore help to maintain their integrity and increase their longevity.


Even though box braids are a low-maintenance protective style, you still need to develop a daily routine plan if you want to keep your hair feeling and looking good. Investigate products like leave-in conditioners, scalp oils, and hair wraps.

Box Braid Length

You can determine how long box braids last by looking at the size of your braids. Thin braids, also known as micro box braids, can actually last up to three months. This is so that your scalp can get more access to the braids because they have smaller parting sections. With easier access, you can moisturize and wash your braids to maintain their health.

Contrarily, jumbo box braids don’t last as long as traditional box braids, and they definitely don’t last as long as micro braids. You will be more than prepared to give your scalp a break once you reach the six-week mark and return for a new braid style.

How Long Do Box Braids Last? What Factors Impact Braids' Longevity?

Maintenance Tips for Box Braids


To keep your braids healthy, you can moisturize them in a few different ways. Here’s how to properly moisturize your lovely braids, using anything from hot oils to braid sprays to a quick but effective spritz of water.

Hot Oils

Heated coconut oil, grapeseed oil, castor oil, and extra virgin olive oil should be applied to your hair and left in for 30 to 60 minutes, according to the experts at Kink and Coil. Either co-wash or shampoo can be used to remove it. Your box braids will stay moisturized if you incorporate this into your weekly routine.

Braid Sprays

Choose a braid spray if you want to add more moisture to your braids. On the scalp, braid sprays can be applied to hair that has already been braided. The magic spray bottle not only adds extra shine but also does wonders for conditioning the hair. Depending on the spray you select, braids can also have a pleasant fragrance, lessen itching, and be applied to both natural and synthetic hair.


Unexpectedly, daily hair hydration is surprisingly simple to achieve with just a spritz of water and a little light oil. The braids are penetrated and moisturized by water or products with a water-based formula.

Leave-In Conditioner

Another fantastic method to hydrate your lovely locks is with a leave-in conditioner. Find a conditioner that closely resembles your hair type, such as curly or colored hair, by doing some research. A protein-rich conditioner can help to strengthen your natural hair if your braids contain synthetic hair.


Without bringing up washing, no discussion of the durability of box braids is complete. Washing helps remove product buildup, but it also helps to clean your scalp and get rid of bacteria and dandruff. The lifespan of your braids can be increased and your hair can be kept happy and healthy by regularly washing your scalp. You should research how to wash box braids for proper maintenance before getting these hairstyles.

Dry shampoo is a good alternative if you don’t have time to wash your hair completely. To prevent your braids from feeling dry and itchy, look for a hydrating dry shampoo. It can replenish moisture in the scalp.

Night Care

Your nightly hair care regimen affects how long box braids last in part. By giving your braids the proper nighttime care, you can lessen friction and increase the longevity of your braids. Spray water or a leave-in conditioner through your braided hair to make it last longer. Massage some oil into the ends of your hair if it feels dry. Then, if it’s comfortable, cover your braids with something to keep them secure (like a silk hair wrap).


You’ll notice that your braids need to be touched up once your hair begins to grow. Fortunately, you don’t have to redo the braids on your entire head. You’ll be good to go if you simply freshen the braids that are along your hairline.

Anti-Itch Oil

You risk damaging your braids if you pick at them or scratch them. Use an anti-itch oil on your scalp every few days to keep yourself from getting itchy while keeping your braids protected. The secret is to coat the scalp with a cotton ball while not soaking the braids.

Avoid Over Styling

Styles for box braids that don’t pull or add too much tension are the most protective. We are aware of how alluring it can be to wear your braids in a fancy updo or ballerina bun every day. — but it’s critical to remember that over-styling your box braids can lead to loose braids, which can lead to a quicker visit to the salon chair. Additionally damaging your natural hair and causes hair loss, and pulling.

Trim Flyaways

In order to maintain the best appearance for your box braids, your stylist will typically trim your flyaways. Although you can also do this at home, the most important thing is to know exactly where your natural hair ends and the synthetic hair starts. In any other case, you end up trimming your natural hair as well!

Close Note: Be Careful

whilst box braids are great for protecting the hair (if well installed and taken care of), you must exercise caution and don’t wear them for too long, and too frequently. Hair damage will result from this.

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