How To Ask Hair Cut You Want To Your Barber

How do you feel about your new hairstyle when you walk out of the barbershop? Are you happy or disappointed? Although your disappointing hairstyle may be due to the poor work of the barber, it is often the main reason that you do not communicate properly with the barber. If you don’t express exactly what kind of hairstyle you want, the barber will cut you any hairstyle that he feels comfortable with. So you have to learn how to talk to a barber. However, telling the barber what you want may make you afraid, especially of all the special terms they throw out. From this, we have created a comprehensive guide to tell you what to say to the barber, so that the next time you sit on a chair, you will get the hairstyle you want.

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Explain Hair Cut Style You Want

Even if you don’t know what kind of hairstyle you really want, you should at least have an idea of what kind of hairstyle will suit you. You can look at hairstyles on the Internet, or look at the hairstyles of celebrities, and then choose the one you like. It is best to choose hairstyles from models with similar facial features and hairstyles. Then bring pictures. The more detailed hairstyle photos you provide to the barber, the more satisfied the barber will be with your idea. Also, don’t be afraid of the barber asking you what you think, and elaborate as much as possible.

Know The Name Of Hair Cut You Want 

Yes, the hairstyle has a name. You may have seen or heard of them at least once in a barbershop. The advantage of knowing different types of hairstyles and their names is that it eliminates the need for descriptions. Memorizing these terms will make it easier for you to know what you want in the barbershop

Guard combs

These comb-shaped fixtures are mounted on scissors blades, allowing barbers to cut their hair at a very precise length. The number of protective combs ranges from # 0 (minimum length) to # 10 (longest). 


It’s a hairstyle that gets smaller and smaller as you move from the top to the sides and back. In most cases, the hair will become shorter until it fades to the skin.


The only difference is that tapered hair is longer. It is not as short as faded hair, but the hair at the top is usually longer than the back and sides.


Sometimes called a “layer”, it is the appearance of your hair, depending on how thick it is, how it is trimmed, and how curly it is. You can get a layered texture by cutting some parts of the hair short so that the longer parts are on top.


That’s the line under the back of your head. Necklines can be cut into blocks, circles or cones. It all depends on what you want. 


This is a simple process to remove weight / excess hair and make thick hair easier to manage. 

Bite In And Fade In: 

This is a faded hairstyle characterized by long hair at the top and a very short back and sides.  

tips of how to ask hair cut
how to ask hair cut

Explain How Much Hair Cut You Want Taken Off And Where 

After telling the barber what kind of hairstyle you want, tell him exactly how much you want to cut. Don’t use vague words, such as “cut your hair a little shorter.” The word “a little” is quite different in hairdressers’ understanding. To avoid cutting your hair too short or too long, specify how much you want to cut. So you can say, “an inch from the top” or “a quarter of an inch from the edge”. And if you don’t know how much you want to cut, let the barber know you don’t.

Listen To Your Barber Advice For Hair Cut

After you have expressed exactly what kind of hairstyle you want, listen to the barber’s advice. Many people have their own ideal hairstyle, but their barbers can’t do it completely. Why? Because the hairstyle they want may not be suitable for their makeup. Customers need to enter the barber shop with an open mind. Listen to the barber’s advice and trust his professional knowledge. Customers’ communication with the barber should be two sides. A good barber will ask you whether you are satisfied with his haircut. If your barber doesn’t communicate at all and doesn’t listen to your preferences, it may be time to choose a new barber.


This article talked about how to ask about haircuts you want from your barber, giving four solutions. First, customers should explain their wanting haircut style. Then, know some common names of hair cut which will make the barber quick to understand. Next, explain how many haircuts you want to be taken off and where. Last, learn to listen to the barber’s advice and stop talking.

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