How To Apply Lash Extensions Correctly? Step By Step

How To Apply Lash Extensions Correctly? Step By Step

How are eyelash extensions applied? Or, how to apply lash extensions? Faster ways to apply eyelash extensions One of the most popular beauty trends today is eyelash extensions. Applying them requires patience, commitment, and a ton of practice, especially when you’re first starting out as a lash artist.

To start, let’s talk about how to get ready for a lash appointment. In this article, you will discover all the methods necessary to install lash extensions, how to remove the eyelash extensions securely and correctly, eyelash extensions before and after, and lash maintenance recommendations.

Pre For lash Extensions

The prep work is the fundamental factor in performing lash extensions. If the patron is organized correctly, the software system will go smoothly.

When you start your lashing process, behavior a thorough session to decide the style, length, and thickness that your customer prefers.

Before making use of lashes, put off eye make-up with a water-based cleaner and dry it with a lint-free cloth. A patron with an easy face will provide you extra time to deal with their lashes. It is no longer endorsed to curl lashes. It is higher to work on the lashes whilst nevertheless in their herbal condition.

Contact lenses have to be eliminated for the duration of lash utility to keep away from pain and eye damage.

Drinking beverages containing caffeine can motivate eyelids to move, making it difficult to follow lashes. Excessive eye motion can lead to flawed extensions.

Limit the consumption of liquids. It is suggested that consumers do now not use the restroom frequently.

Before the lash appointment, ask questions about your clients’ allergies. In addition, for the client’s safety, it is fine to have them signal a waiver all through the consultation. (if needed)

While having an enjoyable appointment, they can pay attention to track or a podcast. To keep away from distraction and studying textual content messages, they should put their cellphone in silent mode. For the security of each and every client, they have to maintain their eyes closed at some point in the session.

A fill session lasts about forty minutes to an hour, whilst a full-extension manner takes two to three hours. Inform your customers that they need to put on blissful apparel for an enjoyable session. 

Are Lash Extensions Bad?

It won’t affect or damage natural lashes if applied appropriately and sufficiently. To prevent breaking the natural lashes, extensions should be carefully selected (for length and thickness) and applied one at a time.

Tips On How To Apply For Blonde Lash Extensions  

  • Apply black patches.
  • Try brown and dark brown lashes.
  • Closer the extension to the eyelid to prevent light lashes from showing through.

How To Apply Lash Extensions For Beginners?

Wash lashes

Cleaning the lashes is crucial in stopping the adhesive that continues the lash extensions in the location from breaking down due to make-up and oil.

Apply Primer Lashes

Primer is a pre-treatment for lash extensions to higher retention. It improves the attachment of lash extensions to herbal lashes.

Apply The Under-eye Patches Gently

When making use of lash patches, take your time. Keep an eye on your lash extension isolation tweezers. In most cases, their suggestions must no longer contact the eye pad. Check the eye pads. It’s continually higher to realize two or three decreased lashes sticking out or even glued collectively at an early process.

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Map Out Your lash Set

Lash mapping additionally saves you time by permitting you to create the best range of lash extensions in much less time and go again to your lash mapping at any time. lash mapping is crucial for imparting remarkable lash extensions to your clients, not rely on how lengthy you’ve got been lashing.


Many lash artists forget to use their pick-up tweezers when isolating. However, each tweezer makes positioning and setting apart your client’s tiny lashes a great deal extra accessible.

When setting apart with each tweezer, attitude your isolation tweezer downwards in the direction of the lashes. To supply a smooth view vary and make isolation simpler, slant your pick-up tweezer up, lifting and shifting the lashes away.

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Slowly Dip The Lash Into The Glue

Dip the extension into the adhesive whilst conserving it with the aid of its tapered end, putting the genuine stability between too a whole lot and too little glue. To keep away from retention concerns, make certain you use the splendid quantity.

Properly Isolate And Apply The Extensions

Isolate the herbal lashes and swipe the extension collectively with the herbal lash. Use the wrapping technique. Coat the herbal lash with the adhesive from its base to the tip, making sure no gaps in the glue. Disperse the lash adhesive equally till it turns smooth.

Lash Extension Application

Place the lash extension onto the natural lash after swiping it with simply sufficient adhesive to coat it on the herbal lash around 1 mm from the eyelid.

Continue to some other vicinity or the contrary eye, imposing extensions till you attain your goal. It will become difficult to isolate greater herbal lashes; this will aid in averting stickies.

Separate The Lashes

No more than one lash extensions or herbal lashes have to be sticking to every other. Separate any lash extensions caught collectively with the two units of lash tweezers. Grasp and separate in a horizontal technique; this is excellently performed even if the adhesive is dry however now not definitely cured.

On herbal lashes, in no way pull in the vertical route or region with any rigidity. Repeat the software and separation steps till each herbal lash has been bonded to the character lash.

Dry The Lash Adhesive

When all lash extensions have been securely bonded, enable three to 5 minutes for the newly embellished lashes to dry.

To enhance your retention, you want to use a wonderful bonder to treat the adhesive bond. Using a lash fan, dry the lashes. Mist with distilled water, dry for three minutes, and test for stickies. 

How To Apply Lash Extensions Correctly? Step By Step
How To Apply for Lash Extensions Correctly? Step By Step

How Do You Remove The lash Extensions Safely And Correctly?

We only use the best products to ensure that natural lashes are not damaged during removal. Our mascara remover removes excess lashes safely, quickly and efficiently.

After application, lash remover dissolves the adhesive, allowing lash extensions to be gently removed without stressing the natural lashes.

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Allow sitting for 90 seconds after casually applying mascara.

Gently remove extensions of lashes with a micro swab. After removal, rinse thoroughly. When applied, the formula is easy to control and does not get into the customer’s eyes.

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We recommend washing your lashes with a lash shampoo to remove excess residue and then wiping your eyes with a flannel-free cloth.

Once the lashes are dry, you can start your full lashes or refill lashes

Can You Apply For Lash Extension From The Side? 

When lash extensions are not glued properly, your client is at risk of premature shedding. Whether you’re a new lash artist struggling with lash extensions or an old professional, BL Lashes are here to help ensure your lashes will last until the next fill.

From lash extension to postoperative care for lash extension, our expert team is full of knowledge and skills for effective lash treatment. We are aware of your expectations for Lash products and have made it our mission.

Buy our lash products today, as a professional lash technician, you can expect luxury quality!

Instructions Of Lash Aftercare 

The extension of lashes requires special care, which is highly maintained – mild care to ensure that lashes last longer and remain in good condition. Correct and appropriate aftercare is crucial to the retention of customers and your professional reputation.

Brush your lashes gently. Avoid rubbing or pulling them.

After making an appointment, keep your hair dry for about 4 to 6 hours.

Keep all oily products away from the eyes. Oil will cause the adhesive to decompose, resulting in premature extension and loss of lashes.

No lash perm!

Do not take a sauna, facial care, or go swimming in the pool within 4-6 hours after use.

If you are baking, avoid sticking your head into the oven. It will scorch your extension! When you put something into or take something from the oven, turn your head away.

You should not use lash curlers.

Don’t try to delete the extension yourself. Instead, make an appointment with your whip artist.

Brush your lashes every day after you receive them. Brushing your teeth can solve most lash problems. If you find something wrong with your lashes, try brushing them gently.


The ideal fusion of natural lashes and extensions is what every lash artist strives for. But even the best design and recommendations might result in premature shedding. Any lash artist who experiences this upsetting side effect could feel perplexed and disappointed.

You’re not the only one who has trouble with your clients’ eyelash extension retention. Our professionals have put together important lash attachment and positioning tips for clients in order to help you feel more at ease.

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