What Is A MUA: Basic Meanings And How To Be A Good MUA

When you first see “MUA”, what will you think? “MUA” is an acronym found mostly on social media which is an abbreviation for makeup artist that is used regularly within the beauty community. Here, we’re briefly breaking down the history of MUA and sharing why we use the term today.

The Source Of MUA

MUA is not new but achieved momentum on the Internet owing to beauty influencer Manny Gutierrez, who goes by Manny MUA on Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter. Gutierrez became the first male face of a Maybelline New York campaign in 2017. Fans and makeup amateurs alike realized that MUA was not Gutierrez’s last name after that. Now consumers have realized that MUA is a common industry term, not just slang.

MUA also has a connection with a makeup product and review forum named MakeupAlley which was established in 1999. Currently, MakeupAlley is abbreviated and trademarked as “MUA Inc.” 

How To Be A Good MUA?

Makeup artists themselves are real artists. They can freely express their creativity and skills. They are good at coloring, hiding, or changing a person’s appearance in other ways to achieve the purpose of beautification. Successful makeup artists are keenly aware of which color is best for a person. They have a thorough understanding of skin type, complexion, and makeup ingredients. Having said that, every successful makeup artist has some characteristics

Creativity Of A MUA

Makeup artists need good visual sense and creative imagination. They should be able to identify the various shapes and features of a face and how to highlight them. Makeup artists have an eye for detail, precision in application, and a deep understanding of color, shadows, and blending.

Adaptability Of A MUA

As we all know, the beauty industry is developing rapidly and changing with each passing day. When considering how makeup artists can achieve long-term success, it is important to learn how to adapt. As a makeup artist, adapting to change is an important trait. Constantly learning new technologies, keeping up with the trend, and staying passionate will only help MUA succeed in this field.

a working MUA
a working MUA

Ready to Learn And Grow Of A MUA

In the field of beauty, learning is an eternal process. Learning allows you to develop and improve your skills. Understanding customer needs and achieving the best results requires an understanding of current trends. There is nothing more exciting than discovering and mastering new things. Keeping learning new things will open new doors for you.

Patience Of A MUA

Patience is a key quality that a makeup artist must possess. There are many different personalities in the beauty industry, and you will have to deal with people who are not always easy to get along with, and sometimes it will be difficult. This is why the work of a makeup artist requires a lot of perseverance and calmness.

Flexibility Of A MUA

Flexibility is a basic attribute of the cosmetics industry. For example, there will be a shortage of time between you and your client, which reflects the time management and flexibility of the makeup artist. In addition, when working with customers, makeup artists will refuse to make concessions on the appearance technology that customers want, which is good. When an excellent and capable makeup artist cooperates with customers, he needs to become versatile according to the needs of customers to achieve the desired results.

Interpersonal Skills Of A MUA

A successful makeup artist should have a passionate personality and attentive listening skills. If you can’t give your clients what they want, what will you do? Talk to your customers, get to know them, and know what they want. Makeup artists need to work with each customer individually to listen to each customer’s likes and dislikes of different products. Most successful makeup artists have practiced and mastered interpersonal skills as well as the art of active listening. These skills are as important as makeup techniques.


The article explained what is a MUA and its source. To be a good MUA needs some qualities and traits, including creativity, adaptability, being ready to learn and grow, patience, flexibility, and interpersonal skills.

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