How Much Does A Pedicure Cost Price Range By Pedicure Type

How Much Does A Pedicure Cost? Price Range By Pedicure Type

How much does a pedicure cost?

Location, service level, high-end or low-cost salons, additional services, etc. are just a few of the variables that affect pedicure prices. A standard or classic pedicure can also be described as basic or typical.

A pedicure cost $28.51 on the east coast, $24.62 on the west coast, and $26.23 in the middle for a basic pedicure with regular polish.

A medium-sized nail salon is one with seven to sixteen pedicure chairs. In order for you to know what to expect if you happen to live in or close to these areas, the differences in how and where a pedicure is performed in these areas are described in detail below.

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Cost Of A Basic Pedicure In Different Cities Or Metropolitan Areas

Small towns and large cities with low or high competition all have different prices for basic pedicures.

You can almost expect to pay more for the same pedicure if you live in rural areas than those who live in big cities. Since there aren’t many nail salons in small towns, they can maintain their high prices.

On the other hand, customers have a wide variety of nail salons to choose from in large cities. As a result, pedicures are typically more affordable.

Different Services Reflect On Pedicure Cost

Basic pedicures vary from nail salon to nail salon and spa to spa. A quick foot wash and toenail and cuticle trimming are the only basic services some providers offer. Others add more supplemental services, such as massage, callus removal, and exfoliation, to their standard pedicures. Because of intense competition or a desire to raise brand awareness, nail salons may charge different prices from one another. For their more involved pedicure procedures, the latter typically charges a little bit more.

Pedicure Prices Are Higher At Upscale Nail Salons

Spas charge more for pedicures than discounted nail salons because they typically are situated in upscale neighborhoods and have higher overhead costs than discounted nail salons, which typically are situated in less expensive neighborhoods.

Spas offer more luxurious services than just a pedicure. To make up for their higher prices, they could offer complimentary hot towels or drinks or more individualized services.

Best Pedicures Are Ones Done By A Pedicurist That Cares

A pedicure is a one-on-one service during which a pedicurist will hold and touch your feet for at least 30 minutes as you sit still. No matter how many extra services are provided or how lovely a spa looks, you won’t have a great experience unless the therapist is very knowledgeable and compassionate.

A Pedicure Will Cost Less With Package Deals

Almost all salons will have package deals which will lower the pedicure cost if you get more than one service. Ask the salon manager for a discount on services if you are considering getting more than one service. Most salons offer a mani-pedi package deal.

You Do Not Have To Pay Full Price For Pedicures

The majority of nail salons often have discounts on various occasions. For anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, or seasons, they will post specials in an effort to boost sales.

Do not be afraid to inquire about any ongoing specials at the salon you visit. There is a chance you might pay a little less.

What Comes Standard With A Pedicure?

Without any additional frills, a standard pedicure includes all the procedures required for proper foot care. To remove all of the dead skin from the feet, it usually begins with a foot soak and is followed by scrubbing. Typically, moisturizer is applied to the legs and feet. The toenails will then be filed, cut, and shaped by the pedicurist. After that, the customer’s preferred color will be painted on the nails. For an additional fee, nail art designs are available. See more about How Long Does Acrylic Toenails Last?

Price Range By Pedicure Type

Standard Pedicure

The most typical service provided in nail salons is a basic or standard pedicure. For this service, budget $20 to $25. A typical pedicure costs $25 at the Mantua, New Jersey-based VIP Nails and Spa. Given that they provide a variety of pedicures at various price points, their price list serves as an excellent illustration of how cost varies by type of pedicure.

Mini Pedicure

A shorter version of the typical pedicure is called a mini pedicure. The skin on the feet is briefly soaked to soften it, but the scrub to remove the dry, dead skin is skipped. The toenails are mainly clipped and shaped instead. Of course, the customer’s preferred color will also be used to paint the nails. For maintenance or when there is little to no dead skin that needs to be removed, the mini pedicure is perfect.

The average price ranges widely from $15 to as much as $40 because there is so much variation in the few stores that offer mini pedicures on their service menu. Note that some salons use the term “mini pedicure” to refer to a standard pedicure for a younger age group, from age 5 to age 12. Such a pedicure is available for children between the ages of 2 and 12 for $20 at the State College, Pennsylvania salon Perfect Nails on the Go.

Fish Pedicure

The fish pedicure was fashionable for a while and is still popular today, despite being unorthodox. Small fish are used in a water tank during this pedicure to remove dry skin and calluses from the client’s feet. The fish pedicure is debatable; supporters claim it is soothing and enjoyable, while detractors worry about potential bacteria.

There are still many spas that provide fish pedicures despite the fact that they are now illegal in many states in the US. One such place is Garra Spas, with branches all over the country and a location in Clearwater, Florida. The cost of a 30-minute fish pedicure at this spa that specializes in them is $30.

Paraffin Pedicure

In a paraffin pedicure, feet are repeatedly covered in paraffin wax to create a thick layer of wax on the feet. The wax is then peeled off and removed after being wrapped around the feet to soak it up. After removing and soothing sore, achy feet while they soak, the paraffin wax leaves feet smooth and soft.

Waxing with paraffin can be a stand-alone service or a component of another kind of pedicure. A paraffin pedicure costs $45 at New York’s Bijou Nails, while Paint Nail Bar in St. Louis, Missouri, offers paraffin as an extra for $10.

CBD Pedicure

In recent years, CBD has become astronomically more popular. Products containing CBD can be used for a variety of purposes, from health and wellness to beauty and pampering. It is understandable why salons are including CBD products on their menus of offerings.

The process for a CBD pedicure is the same as for a regular pedicure, but the products used are CBD-infused. Any combination of foot soaks, creams, scrubs, and massage oils can relax the client and offer benefits.

A CBD Happy Feet Pedicure costs $84 at Zama Massage Therapeutic Spa in Portland, Oregon. Because the price of the products they use can be significantly higher than standard products, CBD pedicures are slightly more expensive than traditional pedicures.

Spa Pedicure

Spa pedicures are more elaborate variations of regular pedicures and differ from salon to salon. A spa pedicure typically consists of upscale supplies or extras like foot massages or soaks infused with essential oils.

Spa pedicures at Strawberry Nails and Spa in Hatboro, Pennsylvania, are an excellent illustration of how varied they can be. The salon offers 5 different spa pedicures, each with its own features. The CND spa pedicure, at the cost of $60, includes “ocean-inspired” products, a 25-minute massage, and a paraffin treatment.

The “regular” spa pedicure they offer costs less at $40 and includes organic products and a hot stone massage. When scheduling a spa pedicure, proceed with caution. While many salons use the term “spa pedicure” to describe an upgraded experience of some sort, other salons use the term to describe a standard pedicure.

Gel Pedicure

The type of nail care applied to the toenails is known as a “gel pedicure.” Starting with a typical pedicure, a gel polish is used on the nails in place of regular polish. Three coats are used: a base coat, a color coat, and a topcoat. Before the next coat is applied, each layer is given a UV lamp cure. As a result, the nail polish is much more durable than regular polish.

Because of the unique procedure used on the nails, the gel pedicure costs more than a regular pedicure. Some salons offer gel pedicures as a service, like Glossy Nail Salon in Palo Alto, California. Specifically, a gel pedicure costs $48 at this salon.

However, some salons charge a base fee for a pedicure and an additional fee for gel nails. A basic pedicure at Apex Nails in Oxford, Mississippi, costs $35; gel polish is an additional $20.

Check out our article How Long Does A Gel Pedicure Last to learn more about this procedure. [How Frequently Can I Get One?].

French Pedicure

A French pedicure is a term used to describe the nail care procedure, similar to the gel pedicure. The feet receive a typical pedicure and a French manicure on the toes. This denotes that the edge of the nail is painted a thin white line, and the nail bed is painted a translucent nude or pink color.

Given that French nail art is a simple style, many salons will perform it as part of your free basic pedicure. Some individuals might consider the French manicure to be nail art and charge an additional small fee.

Check out our article How Long Does A French Pedicure Last to learn more about this practice.

Hot Stone Pedicure

Some salons offer a specialty service called a hot stone pedicure. Your pedicurist will place heated stones on your feet and in the spaces between your toes after cleaning and caring for your feet. You may occasionally even have a bowl of hot stones for your feet. The stones, which usually consist of basalt, aid in calming the muscles in the feet.

After calming your feet with the stones, some salons will massage them. For this deluxe pedicure, budget between $60 and $75. The $60 hot stone pedicure at Happy Valley, Oregon’s Neo Pinot Spa includes an additional, opulent rose and champagne foot scrub.

Jelly Pedicure

SaveJelly pedicureWendy NacolPamper My Body

A jelly substance will be used in place of water for your footbath if you get a jelly pedicure. When water is added to the jelly, which begins as a powder, it expands. In order to increase the benefits, the jelly substance frequently includes other products or essential oils. Your feet will be soothed and exfoliated while soaking in the jelly.

The jelly pedicure, named after the salon, is available at Tippy Toes Nails and Spa for $70.

How Much Does A Pedicure Cost Price Range By Pedicure Type
How Much Does A Pedicure Cost? Price Range By Pedicure Type

Why You Should Get Pedicures?

A tasty pedicure provides a much-needed break from the daily grind. This is due to how soothing and healing it can be for your feet, which generally suffer more than most other parts of our body when we are out in public or working all day long.

Seasonal pedicures don’t just work on some heels. Your psychological, physical, and emotional needs can all be met with regular salon visits!

Your feet and toenails may become infected, but pedicures can help you reduce that risk.

“Washing the feet might not be what you think it is,” says Dr. Betheleshchekova-Dotkovsky from her practice in Peru, “It’s a very private act.” While taking a shower with others is a daily occurrence, feet are frequently forgotten or neglected.

The same carelessness can increase your risk of infection and impair your immune system’s ability to fight infections.

When you get a pedicure, the person who performs your Mani-Pedi will massage all of your tired legs and feet until they are so relaxed that even their most rigid point is as soft as butter.

The health of your nails can be poor even with good circulation. If you suffer from poor blood flow, your toes will likely turn alarming shades of blue or purple due to lack of oxygen being sent up the leg-toes’ “mile-long” (commercially viable) supply chain, which leads into those who don’t know how important this can be feeling like they’re aging faster than their friends with more adequately working systems!

A pedicure is extremely beneficial for those with poor circulation. Frail individuals and those who consume a lot of iron are at risk for blood vessel problems, so they should eat more frequently than usual and take better care of their feet by getting regular foot care like nail trimming or polish applications every two weeks rather than once per week.

After your circulation gets better, you’ll see that your nails return to their original pinkish hue.

A quick pedicure can give you longer, stronger nails. In addition to ensuring that more oxygen enters the toenails than would otherwise occur naturally overnight due in part to wearing shoes all day or sitting on them constantly throughout your workday at home, the procedure will also clear up any infection.

Never again will you have to be concerned about cracked or filthy nails! You can take pleasure in hands that appear healthy after getting regular pedicures. Your skin’s natural oils will prevent stains from dirt and dust all year long, so you won’t even need polish.

It’s great to give yourself time each day to unwind and reflect. This is due to the fact that sometimes holding onto some energy at night during other times of the day when there are more demands on our minds or bodies — like work — may be the best thing you can do for your health (in order to not lose it).

Constant stress can lead to medical issues, so any effort to reduce your stress is worthwhile.

For those who are constantly on the go or prone to calluses, pedicures can be a godsend.

With a pumice stone, your specialist will delicately remove any hard skin that may be present while smoothing out the top layer of your callus.

Doing this frequently is best.

Prepare Your Feet For A Pedicure

The best way to unwind and take care of your feet is with a pedicure. However, if you’ve never had one, the procedure might seem a little daunting.

Here are a few tips to help you prepare for any type of pedicure starting with a basic pedicure:

Make sure your feet are clean before anything else. This entails thoroughly cleaning them with soap and water before visiting the salon. This will aid the technician in giving a better pedicure and aid in limiting the spread of infections.

Next, trim your nails. This will facilitate the technician’s work and help to avoid ingrown toenails. Call the salon and ask the staff for instructions if you’re unsure of how to trim your nails.

Third, apply foot moisturizer. This will help your feet to feel softer and smoother after the pedicure is done.

Consider bringing your own pair of spa pedicure sandals as well. You can easily leave the salon wearing these particular sandals because they have toe separators that keep your polish looking perfect until it is completely dry.

Get A Discount On Your Pedicure Cost

For special events, such as anniversaries, Christmas, and holidays like Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day, many nail salons provide special discounts. Request information from your salon regarding any ongoing promotions that may not be advertised.

Ask About Package Deals

The majority of spas and nail salons provide discounts if you choose a package deal, which can lower overall pedicure costs. Do not be afraid to inquire about discounts from your nail technician if there are multiple services or add-ons you are considering.

A complete package that includes a manicure and pedicure is typically available for purchase at salons as well.

Ask Your Friends

Nothing can replace a quick conversation with friends when trying to find a great deal.

Ask them if there are any advantages for them if they recommend you. The referee and new customer frequently receive discounts.

Check Online Coupons

For various package deals, discount websites like Groupon provide discounts at salons and spas.

Check for discounted gift cards to save money at the salon or spa you plan to visit if you know its name.

Look For Offers On Social Media

To learn more about the salon’s most recent promotions, visit their Facebook or Instagram pages.

Advantages Of Getting A Pedicure

With the following benefits, it’s evident that even a basic pedicure does more than just make your feet look nice.

Pedicure treatments on a regular basis can help your feet and overall health in the following ways:

Calluses And Dead Skin Are Removed

Your feet experience significant wear and tear on a regular basis. Walking on them can result in calluses, skin conditions, and even fungus infections. Calluses can also result from friction brought on by wearing footwear that is too tight and restricts blood flow.

Calluses can be removed during pedicures using a variety of techniques, including warm water soaks, pumice stone rubs, and moisturizer application to the feet.

Pedicures also keep your feet healthy by exfoliating dead skin cells and removing rough patches.

Enhances Blood Circulation

A foot massage is frequently included in a deluxe pedicure, promoting blood circulation, decreasing tension, and relieving foot discomfort.

Assists In The Prevention Of Fungal Infections

A clinical study found that about 15% of people have fungal foot infections. Unfortunately, many times these illnesses go unnoticed.

Your feet and nails will stay clean if you get regular pedicures, which helps ward off the onset of fungal diseases. A skilled manicurist can identify a fungal infection in its earliest stages, enabling quicker treatment.

Enhances The Quality Of Sleep

With the aid of either specialized massage tools or the hands, foot massage and bathing are frequently included in pedicures. Insomnia, exhaustion, and anxiety can all be treated with the help of either of these methods.

Pressure is applied to specific points on the foot by pedicurists who specialize in foot reflexology to provide relief. These are especially helpful for the elderly and can improve patients’ ability to sleep.

Your feet will easily slide between the covers after receiving a full foot and leg massage when a paraffin wax treatment is added.

How Much Is A Diy Pedicure?

You can definitely do your own basic pedicure at home and save money. But this is very different from getting a full-service pedicure at a spa or salon. Nothing feels quite the same as spa pedicures for total relaxation and taking time out of a busy schedule.

Remember that you will need to buy all the necessary supplies. Utilizing them more than once is necessary if you want it to be economical.

Supplies for a basic DIY pedicure:

  • Dishpan to soak your feet
  • Nail polish including a base coat, color, and topcoat
  • Cuticle stick and cuticle oil
  • Nail clippers, nail file, and emery board
  • Toe separators
  • Cotton balls
  • Nail polish remover if you have old polish on your toenails

Once you have everything you need, begin by soaking your feet in warm water to soften the skin and cuticles. Then, trim your nails and file them into the desired shape.

Apply cuticle oil after pushing back your cuticles.

Now that you’re prepared, begin painting. Apply a base coat first to help the polish stick to your nails, and then paint on two coats of color.

Apply a top coat last for additional protection and shine.

For the best results, let your nails completely dry between each step.


The Cost Of A Man’s Pedicure

Like women, men prefer feet that are tidy and attractive without a layer of exposed dead skin, which is why salons offer pedicures for men. Normally, they are equal in price. In fact, in 2010 there was a lawsuit filed against a salon in Maryland when a man was charged $2 more for his pedicure than the woman’s price.

A men’s salon is a great option for a man to get a pedicure because they are equipped with men’s supplies and have a variety of add-ons specifically for men.

How Much Should You Tip A Pedicure That Costs $25?

15% to 20% of the total service is the customary amount to tip your nail technician.

If you are happy with the level of pampering you received with your pedicure package, and the polish looks clean around the cuticles, a 20% tip is the best gesture, which would be $5.

How Much Time Does A Pedicure Require?

The type of pedicure determines how long it will take from start to finish.

While a spa pedicure typically takes between 45 and 75 minutes, a basic pedicure will take between 20 and 30 minutes.

Pedicures with gel or shellac will take 45 to 60 minutes.

How Frequently Should You Get A Pedicure?

How frequently you should get pedicures is dependent upon your personal preferences and way of life.

For example, if you wear open-toe shoes often, you might want to get a pedicure more frequently to keep your nails looking nice. Or, to help prevent infections, you might need to get pedicures more frequently if you have diabetes.

In general, most people get a pedicure every four to six weeks. The best option for you ultimately depends on your personal preferences and your ability to pay for a pedicure.

If you would like to get a pedicure more frequently but don’t want to spend a lot of extra money, opt for a basic pedicure and skip the gel pedicure, french pedicure, or other high-end options so you can enjoy the benefits without breaking your budget.


Popular self-care practices include getting pedicures to maintain your good looks and health. It is a traditional self-care practice and one of the most well-liked salon services.

You can probably find a salon that provides services to suit your needs within your budget, whether you’re looking for a quick touch-up or a opulent spa experience. Thoughtfully choose your pedicure, though! You will have to carefully read the service menu to get what you expect from the service you choose because the majority of pedicure types don’t have a standard description that all salons must abide by. Which pedicure will you pick now that you’re all set to pamper your feet?

I appreciate your reading.

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